Will ISIS Attack the 2016 Rio Olympics?

With the Olympics set to start tonight, security officials are concerned over the potential for a serious ISIS attack on the games.  Brazilian officials have already been taken to task over the lax security environment in around the games. With terror just one of the many security issues facing the games Brazil’s security services are clearly inexperienced in something of this magnitude.

In the days leading up to tonight’s opening games security officials have stepped up there work.  They have become so concerned that 13 different Israeli security firms are aiding the protection of the games. In fact, one man has already been caught with a gun.

How Will ISIS Attack?

For most security experts on the look out for a well planned mega attack, they are looking at ISIS’s operational strategy the wrong way. Time and again, ISIS has been able to get passed security officials by utilizing nearly spontaneous reactions by ISIS supporters to overwhelming propaganda. Stabbings, car rammings, and lone gun men are far harder to predict and control than a well constructed terror cell.  The worst thing security officials can do is go out of their way to protect against something that is far too complex for ISIS and miss the anonymous attendee ready to ounce.

The Battle of Dabiq 

The battle of Dabiq, a mythological battle at the end of the days predicted by Islam to take place between the forces of the Mahdi/Caliph and the countries of the world is necessary according to Islam in order to usher the end times in.  The Olympics provide and excellent opportunity for ISIS to wage an international battle of Dabiq against what they see as the forces of the world gathered at the Olympics.

So will there be an attack. No one knows, but security officials better listen well to the private Israeli firms that are already there.  Thousands of lives may depend on it.