The Fall of the State, the Rise of a New Order

We are entering a new phase of the breakdown of the State’s structure. Those people who are taking these third elections seriously are not understanding that in a real sense no matter if Bibi has enough to make a coalition or not, the State of Israel has been transformed by the current political chaos.

The Left will never have enough votes to win an election. The Supreme Court should have shut down the Prime Minister’s ability to form a coalition and instead decided to wait until after the election.


Nothing is simple. The Supreme Court knows the street is against it. To prevent the PM before an election from essentially having the ability to run would have revealed their true intentions and yet by punting the decision to March 2nd and beyond they are hinting that all may not be as it seems.


The Deep State will strike if it needs to. They are losing their grip on the country and as Bibi seems no closer to exiting, their strategy is to make chaos out of the situation. Third, fourth, and even a fifth election is not a problem for them. After all, they built the state and in their mind they can destroy it.

This is the real debate. Bibi and the Revisionist camp of the Likud and even the Religious Zionist parties believe that the crumbling tools of the Deep State/Mapai descedents can be uplifted to be used for the next stage of the Redemptive process. While this is partly true, the State as we understand it to be was built to be a series of structures in order to allow the elitists to rule over those who came to the Land of Israel as well as those already in it.

Bibi’s continued tenure is buying time for the idealists to effect change from within. He is the cover for them and the Deep State knows this.


This upcoming election will decide if the Deep State can further the chaos by preventing another coalition with the Prime Minister at its head or by the court ruling he cannot put together a coalition. They know they cannot win and so their goal is chaos that will lead to the State’s destruction.

However, chaos is not so bad. From chaos comes a new order – a new way of doing things. While the State as we know it maybe “falling apart” in the political sense, a new leadership with new ideas can arise taking the broken pieces of a system designed to service the few and rebuild it in order to create a fusion of Divine principles and physical tools.

Will this happen? Eventually, but the time it takes to unfold primarily depends on our own actions and whether or not we have awakened to a true Redemptive vision.