After Mosul Failure, Obama Switches Focus to Raqqa as Time Runs Out

In an increasing sign of desperation after the Obama administration’s failure retaking Mosul, Obama has waived legal restrictions outlined in the US Arms Export Control Act, which forbids providing defense-related supplies or services to countries that are not cooperating fully with US anti-terrorism efforts.

“This waiver requested by the Secretary of Defense and signed by the President today enables the provision of equipment to partner forces preparing for the Raqqa campaign as we grow and strengthen numerous relationships with Counter-ISIL [Islamic State] forces,” the official said on Thursday.Raqqa is the ISIS capital and has been under heavy bombardment and attack by Coalition, Russian, and Syrian forces.

With weeks to go until Trump is sworn in, the abrupt change in strategy seems more to do with a last ditch attempt for Obama to save face in regards to ISIS.

For ISIS Obama is a Kafir who Deserves to Lose

In Islamic law Obama is a kafir (apostate) who is worthy of death. This is due to the fact that he was born of a muslim father and yet lives a non-muslim life.  There is nothing that will fit into the echtological vision of ISIS than the apostate Obama not defeating them before he leaves office.  Expect ISIS to recruit heavily from this failure, far more than the election of Trump.

In the waning days of the Obama administration, his foreign policy legacy goes to the trash bin.