Israel Behind the News [Dec 13, 2015]

Arab MKs Lead Populism that is Disconnected from Reality

MK Odeh is representative of a broader problem in Israel.  Arab leaders claim their people are discriminated against and at the same time enjoy rights and privileges they cannot get elsewhere. One has to understand that discrimination in Arab culture means that another culture is in control. This means by Western standards there is no real discrimination, but an issue of honor.  Whatever the case, Israel is plagued by Arab leaders that spit in the face of the very State that gives full rights and opportunities.

Arab Jihadist Indicted

Raed Khalil has been indicted for murdering two Jews while they were praying in Tel Aviv last month  Of course this this Arab Jihadist will be put away for as long as it takes to carry out a further prisoner swap.  Even if he rots in jail, he’ll have a far cozier time in prison than some of the Jewish administrative detainees that have been placed there with no charges. The Israeli security apparatus is in dire need of repairs.  Thankfully, many of the young people serving in it are doing their best to foil and push back on Jihadist terrorism.

New Police Chief Sets a Different Tone

The new police chief is a serous guy and the first religious Zionist one.  Make no mistake, his trip to gush Etzion is a message that he is approaching his role far differently than his corrupt predecessors. The Left is truly running scared that one of their last bastions of control will finally be cleaned out.