In State We Trust

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

When the Palmach fighters won control of the State from the Irgun and Lehi, a white washing of history and rewriting of the State’s past began in earnest. With all of the gusto of the elite Palmach unit and their mythical place in the anals of the State, the single most important thing they did along with the new emboldened socialist leadership was to cement complete control over the lives of the State’s citizenry.

Bureaucracy became their tool to control the masses and the masses being tired and poor gave in without a fight.  With a stroke of a pen State worship was born.  The bureaucracy was designed in a way to be unmoving, incapable of fault.  Year after year Israelis grew to depend and need the faceless dictatorship of the bureaucracy.

The Palmach fighters turned politicians and technocrats, built a super structure that grew and reigned through the media and the courts.  Dare to challenge it and you stood accused of destroying something akin to the destruction of the Temple.

The Palmach is gone.  Its leaders and leaders’ children no longer run the State openly, yet their bureaucracy remains.  The faceless dictatorship succeeded in controlling the past and in turn sets the tempo for the future. Dare to criticize and you stand a chance at being demolished publicly and personally ruined.

Yet there is hope.  Darkness can be dispelled by light. The emperor stands naked before us now and the faceless dictator has begun to crack.  We are plagued by income disparity, corruption, and security threats to our existance. People are beginning to see through the lies they have been fed.

It’s true the media is far reaching in its influence and the court seems unstoppable, but that is an impression and not the truth.  There is another way, but one cannot fear a system that has no power other than the power we let it have. The State is truly powerless if we do not give it power.

Who will provide for us? People have asked me. I turn and point up and then remind them that there was a time before all of this bureaucracy when yong Jews returned to the Land of our Nation’s past to fulfill the promise of the Creator.  Those young Jews had no State and did what needed to be done.  We must restore the light of redemption and free it from the confines of the State.  We must take control of our destiny and steer our Nation back on the proper course.  “If not now, when?”

Article originaly published on HaKol HaYehudi