American Desire for Control over Israel is Uncovered through its Funding of OneVoice

As reports of American meddling in last year’s Israeli elections continue to come out, a State Department spokesman attempted to cover up for the US government’s actions with the following statement:

“I’m not going to go into details, but to our understanding the report showed there is no proof that the OneVoice organization used money to influence the Israeli election.”

The problem with this explanation is the bipartisan Senate investigatory committee found the State Department in fact gave $350,000 to the OneVoice organization.  This neither side disputes. The State Department would like Americans and Israelis to believe they had no idea the OneVoice organization would use that money or intended to use that money to actively fund the V15 campaign against a sitting Prime Minister.

The fact is the State Department has a pattern of doing this around the world. Ukraine, Nigeria, and Russia, are just some of the examples.  Moreover, sending US taxpayer’s money along with Obama’s campaign manager over to lend a hand in unseating a foreign leader, especially in Israel smacks of neo-colonialism.

The NGO law being pushed through the Israeli government is more and more becoming a necessary component in preserving Israel’s independence from foreign influence.

Of course opponents of the law are deriding it as uprooting democratic freedoms in Israel. The recent reports about State Department activity here, not only debunk that claim, but prove that NGO’s that are funded by foreign governments have one goal in mind when it comes to Israel and that is assuring it remains a vassal state of the West.