The Fall of Europe and the Coming New World Reorder

As Brexit seems increasingly likely, mainland Europe has become unhinged. Britain was always seen as a responsible partner in an endeavor that appeared more like a college philosophy class than a productive geopolitical entity. With Britain leaving and the rest of the EU states dependent on Germany for leadership, the chances of averting an EU implosion appears to be nil.

This is why Merkel and others are irrate over Britain’s departure.  Not because they are missing out on a desired relationship, but it begins a process where the elitists in Brussels will lose their hold on the power centers built up after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Trump is Right About Russia

The main foreign policy debate between Donald Trump and the Neo-Conservative establishment now led by Hillary Clinton is the future relationship with Russia.  Donald Trump inately understands that the USA has an issue when it comes to Russia.  His approach is essentially to work with Russia and a lesser degree the Chinese to bring about a far different world order, which he and his supporters believe will be far more stable.

The Neo-Conservatives in Washington are scared by this approach.  They had put their hopes on a stable world order by enforcing interventionists policies through NATO. A Trump victory, which seems far more likely now will reshuffle the world order by creating a multi-polar world that is stable.

Expect to see the USA, Russia, Britain, China, and possibly India work together to divide the world into spheres of influence between them.

As Europe falls apart and the UN increasingly becomes useless, the importance of different actors is a necessity.  The only challenge is whether the old guard wants to give in.