BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Jets Bomb Locations Near Damascus

Local reports near the Mezze Airforce Base¬†right outside of Damascus claim aerial bombardment of the base at 4am. Although¬†the official Syrian regime response to the attack is that “the base suffered a malfunction causing an internal fire,” eyewitnesses reporting to non-Assad control media detailed the 4am missile attack as coming from the air.

Mezze Air Base Location | Source: Google Maps

All Syria an opposition website reports the following:

Media sources confirmed the pro-regime outbreak of large fires in the Mezze military airport west of the capital, Damascus, on Wednesday at dawn, shortly after explosions likely to have resulted from Israeli raids on the airport.

Mezze military airport is one of the most important military airports in Syria, and separating few kilometers from the presidential palace.

And variations novels pro system for reasons, he said some of the explosions were caused by an internal malfunction in the airport, while others said it was caused by Israeli shelling, and did not issue any official statement until the time of preparation of this article.

The airport is in addition to being an air base, the main concentration of regime forces on the outskirts of the capital, points, and there are inside thousands of items from the forces of order, also it contains a prison, followed by Air Force Intelligence, best known for his ill-treatment and killing of hundreds of detainees, according to the testimonies of survivors of it.

Below is a video taken from the attack, clearly showing the attack coming from the air and not a result of a base malfunction.