Will Bibi’s Fall Lead to the Destruction of Israel’s Deep State?

As Israel enters into another election for the Knesset, on the surface not much has changed. All of the similar faces and political parties are running and yet there is a feeling that something is intrinsically different in the third try.

Ultimately, this election is about the Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. While one can debate whether the Prime Minister deserves or does not deserve to be indicted, the law enforcement and legal establishment has in fact indicted the Prime Minister.

Israel has had leaders resign before due to corruption, yet those leaders were literally caught taking bribes – the kind that come in white envelopes. Netanyahu is something different. Whether justified or not, there is a feeling in nearly 50 percent of the country that these charges are trumped up, part of the Israeli Deep State’s war on the common person, the street.

This is why the Deep State’s war on Netanyahu matters, not because he is perfect or a Tzaddik, he seemingly is not. Remember, his role as many like him before was to wrest control of the State from the forces that hijacked the Zionist movement in the 1930s. Like Begin and Shamir before him, he tried to do just that and essentially succeeded. One does not have to be perfect to do that, just like Shamir always suggested “Just get the job done.”

Bibi’s Fall – a Necessary Tragedy

The Deep State appears ready to take Bibi down, but in doing so has revealed what everyone always quietly admitted to themselves – that it is in fact a bureaucratic tyranny that rules the State of Israel and not the people themselves. This thought is now open conversation. Perhaps, as the vessels built in part by the archetype (i.e. revisionist Zionism) represented in mystical thought as Mashiach ben Yosef begin to crumble, the next generation of leaders will do away with Israel’s Deep State once and for all, slaying the Erev Rav and building vessels that could actually contain the light of Mashiach ben David.

None of this is a process that happens over night. While it is true events are speeding up, expectations which can skew the process, distorting the outcome should never jump too far ahead of where we are at.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that every generation, the world gets a bit better as more and more of it is repaired. While it is true that many times this rectification is preceded by a fall, what follows is a tremendous upswing and flow of light.

The Fall of the Deep State May Not be Dramatic

The Deep State may appear to be winning, but in many ways it is essentially leaving itself open for its own demise by taking down Netanyahu. In a sense, it in itself has focused all of its energies on one man ignoring that Israeli society has completely changed in the last decade. These are not Israelis that are apologetic or trapped up in the illusions of exile, but rather taken hold of their own destiny. This has occurred on the Prime Minister’s watch, mainly because he did a good job of covering for the rise of the next stage of national leadership, which has been built on the rubble of the destruction Gush Katif and the Second Lebanon war, coupled with the explosion in technological innovation and renewed spirit of connection to tradition.

Bibi is taking the fall, yet the Redemptive process will now unfold in a greater light and expression than before, even if it appears to be stalled at first.