Israel Behind the News [Dec 10, 2015]

Knifing Victim From Kiryat Arba Shows Slight Improvement

A Chanukah miracle is unfolding.  The gardener of the Cave of the Patriarchs that was stabbed earlier in the week and given a slim chance to live has miraculously shown some signs of improvement. He was stabbed four times; one in the chest, two in the heart and one in the pancreas.

Mark Zuckerberg Fails To Understand the Threat 

Mark Zuckerberg posted what seems to be a push back against Donald Trump. Mark wants to lend his support to Muslims worldwide. While this sounds nice to millions of Americans unaware of just how different many in Islam are from them, he shows how he and others are ignorant of the wider situation in the Middle East. After all Middle Eastern Christians are being decimated and wiped out at the hands of their Muslim neighbors.

Israel has No Reason to Be Friends with Turkey

There is a new strategic alliance forming in the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey does not seem to be part of it.  With gas deals being signed between Cyprus, Greece, and Israel as well as defense pacts being pushed between these countries, the Israeli government has no need to return to the relationship they once had with Turkey.  The realignment shows just how strong Israel’s hand is in the future . By being the anchor country in the Eastern Mediterranean Israel has an opportunity to forge a new regional order.