IDF to Hamas: Please Stop Hating Us

The war of words continues today between Hamas and Israel.  Of course it should be assumed that Hamas who has never heeded any warning from the IDF will keep their tradition of running straight into a wall. In the tradition of the IDF’s war of stern warnings Major General Yoav Mordechai Poli threatened Hamas saying that unless they cease coercion and incitement of those who cross over into Israel, Israel will have no choice but to close the crossings.

Gaza Strip – Crossings
This is analogous to Jews pleading with Hitler to stop murdering us. Hamas doesn’t care about land crossings or the residents of the strip. Any closure will feed into their propaganda.  That being said, if we don’t want violent enemies entering Israel then don’t let them in, but don’t pretend to use it as a weapon against an enemy force steeped in the ideology of global Jihad.

Preparing for War Means Be Prepared

If Hamas is truly preparing for another round of fighting then the IDF needs to be prepared as well.  No slogan or warnings will do. Making sure the enemy is severely destroyed is the only real solution to the conflict.  This requires killing Hamas leaders and the eventual reconquering of the strip in order to finally flush out the Jihadist vipers that are busy readying themselves for Israel’s destruction.