Arab Terrorists Burn Down Prayer Site and Memorial South of Hebron

Near the community of Pnei Hever/Maale Hever Arab terrorists burned down a prayer site and memorial known as Mitzpe Ziv dedicated to two young men killed 13 years ago mistakenly by the IDF.  

Once a week families of the fallen boys and local residents would spend the sunrise in prayer and rememberence at the very site where they were killed.  Activists and family members added olive trees, stone benches, and walls the site over the years.  Recently, the local government even built a stone pergula over the site for Sukkot.

This morning was set to start like all the others until family members and residents arrived and saw that local Arabs had burned down the site, including the large olive tree planted in the boys’ memory. The attack set back years of work and created intense anguish for the families that were present.

Destroyed interior of Mitzpe Ziv
Destroyed interior of Mitzpe Ziv Photo Credit: Akiva Ariel


“The families spent the morning contacting the army and police instead of spending time in prayer and remembering their sons.  This should not have happened,” said Gidon Ariel, a resident of the nearby community of Maale Hever and founder of Root-Source.

Listen to Full Interview with Gidon Ariel below:

Head of Maale Hever’s community council Yigal Klein said the following: “Maale Hever is shocked at the burning down of Mitzpe Ziv. We need to continue to strengthen the area and make sure that permanent buildings are put there.”

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