Escape from Libya

Just under one month ago James (his name has been changed to protect him and his family) began a Facebook friendship with me.  After a week of chatting about Nigeria, Israel, and Judaism, he opened up about his real identity and his location.  James told me that he is really in Libya, with his wife and newborn son. I was shocked and at first the Israel Rising team, including myself assumed it was some sort of scam for money.  We researched it and came to a conclusion after James sent us photo of his wife and himself in a safe house dressed in Islamic attire that this was no scam.. James also gave us a Libyan phone number to call.

A few days ago as their situation has gotten unbearable, James agreed to do a podcast with me.  The problem was, the network in his safe house was very bad. After a few tries we decided to resort to good old fashioned texting.

James and his family need around $3,000 to make the long trek south through the desert and back to NIgeria in Biafraland.  Those of you who can afford to give, may donate here.

Please share this interview with as many people as possible.

David: Hi James

I know your internet connection is very bad so I want to thank you for spending this time with us

You are in Tripoli, Libya…right?

James: Yes thank you for reaching me, yes I am in Tripoli Libya.

David: Can you tell us a bit about why you went there?

James: I came to Libya to teach English.

David: Why Libya of all places?

James: Well I thought I could help them learn the English language and to appreciate democracy

David: Was this an official program?

James: Not at all. I came of my own volition, But I came in contact with radicalized muslims

David: Wow. You and your wife?

James: Yes me and my wife.

David: And now a son, right?

James: Yes

David: What is like in Tripoli right now?

James: Tripoli is on verge of war.militants everywhere.

David: How are you staying safe?

James: I am in hiding with my family. I’ve been having some anonymous calls that I have refused to pick up. I even don’t add friends on Facebook anymore. An Imam was shot recently because he criticized their attitude towards Christians.

David: So they don’t know you are a Christian.

James: They know I am a Christian because I’ve been a bit outspoken against them so I’ve become an endangered species.

David: How will you get out?

James: The airspace is under lock for now and my only option is through the desert.

David: And you are ready to leave now?

James: Yes I am very ready now because I am afraid.

David: What is the hardest thing about coping in Tripoli?

James: It’s the kidnappings and killings by daesh.  My friend Felix was kidnapped and we have not heard from him again.

David: I am sorry to hear that. Can you describe some of the run ins you’ve personally had with ISIS?

James: I’ve had two encounters with them.and it wasn’t a pleasant issue at all.

David: What happened?

James: I was going to teach one day and they stopped our taxi and asked many questions about me and when they saw that I am a Christian I was kidnapped and I was taken to the desert. I was told I was going to be shot, but as I prayed they tied me up and left me. One hour later they came and started demanding, money and I told them that I am only a teacher, but they wouldn’t listen to me. In the end I was taken to somewhere far where I was tortured and nearly died.

All thanks to God I came out alive.

David: I am speechless.

James: The second one was when they came to our house and burglarized our apartment. They came pretending to be police, but at the end they were daesh and they kept me and my pregnant wife in a prison cell. It was awful, but God’s intervention brought us out. Afterwards my wife gave birth to a baby boy. Since then I’ve been living in hiding with my family.

David:  It is a miracle you guys are still alive.  You need to get out. James, is there any message you would like to tell people?
James: Yes my message is that people should be careful of mixing up with these arabs. They are so radicalized now. Killing has always been part of them and now more so. I need kind hearted people to assist me and my family to leave Libya. It is an SOS.

David:  You and your family should be blessed to escape from Libya and live in a free and sane society. Thank you for your time, brother.

Please donate to help fund James’ flight to safety.