Will Ayelet Shaked Be Prime Minister One Day?

It seems that her abilities to change the system go far beyond simple laws.  She has in fact built a unique bridge to an unlikely ally. If Asher Axelrod, the Chairman of the Jerusalem District of the Israeli Bar Association was placing bets on who would likely be Prime Minister one day he would have to go with Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s current Justice Minister.

“It’s no secret that Shaked does a lot of important work beyond the appointment of judges, but to devote such care to this issue is very important, and I’m not sure that politicians gave it the proper attention in previous years.”

This is an incredible turnaround for Axelrod, who once opposed Shaked’s appointment.

“The involvement of Religious Zionism in the courts now is unprecedented, and that’s to the credit of Minister Shaked,” said Axelrod. Ayelet Shaked has always been known as a change candidate.