BREAKING NEWS: Obama Gets a Push Back From Congress over his Drive to Create “Palestine”

On November 29th the US House of Representatives H.Con.Res.165 in a bid to stop Obama from using his waning days as President to force a “Palestinian” state on Israel. The resolution which is heading to the Senate states the following:

“Expressing the sense of Congress and reaffirming longstanding United States policy in support of a direct bilaterally negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and opposition to United Nations Security Council resolutions imposing a solution to the conflict.”  

The resolution stands in direct opposition to the path that Obama appears to be moving towards as his Presidency comes to a close.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida speaking on the House floor regarding this resolution said the following:

“I wish that this resolution was not needed, but sadly, we know better.  The fact that we need to bring this up for debate and pass a resolution urging a United States administration to uphold long-standing U.S. policy as it relates to the peace process is telling and also disappointing … These next two months are going to be crucial for our friend and ally, the democratic and Jewish state of Israel … Israel is facing a constant barrage by Palestinians and their supporters at the United Nations …

Sadly, it has become clear over the past year that this administration may be looking to take unprecedented action — and in fact, we’ve heard that the administration has been seeking ways in which it could force the Israelis into making dangerous concessions … I have asked … nearly every administration official who has come before our Foreign Affairs Committee headed by Mr. Royce and Mr. Engel if President Obama will uphold long-standing U.S. policy and will veto any Security Council resolution related to Israel, and each one has evaded the question, refusing to reaffirm this long-standing, unambiguous, non-controversial policy.

 Any short-term achievement that an imposed solution will bring will be far outweighed by the long-term damage it will cause … Any action … aimed at forcing unilateral solutions … will be detrimental to the prospects of peace, and it would harm both Israelis and the Palestinians … true peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians can only come by direct, bilateral negotiations between them.”


Next move is Obama’s.

Info Provided by: Reflections of Indwelling Light