Israel Behind the News [Dec 3, 2015]

Israeli Youth Said to be Arrested for the Duma Arson

Haven’t we heard this before?  Months ago they threw countless young Israelis into administrative detention with no charges.  Many of those youth are still behind bars. So if they were involved how come no charges were brought and if they were not involved since supposedly there is a new arrest, why haven’t Meir Ettinger, Mordechai Meyer, and Eviatar Slonim and many others been released? It is interesting to note that this new announcement comes on the heels of the UN complaining that the government still has not found the perpetrators.  24 hours later there is a new arrest. There is no coincidence here. Unfortunately they have not brought any evidence to prove the state’s side. If this turns out that after all this time they are just trying to simply beat a confession out of these guys to please the UN, it will come back to haunt the security apparatus.

Israel Fight Back Against EU Anti-Semitism

The government is actually handling the situation with the EU labeling excellently. Part of the reaction is do in part because the EU as an international player is losing its leverage in the face of an ascendant Russia.  Also the Eastern half of the EU seems to be against the move.  Given that Israel finally has some maneuverability.

Israel Moves to Destroy Homes of Arab Terrorists

Many people felt house demolitions would spark a wider conflict with the Arabs living in Israel.  However, the only thing that seemed to happen were some local clashes after the apartment complex belonging to the ring leader behind the Henkin murder was destroyed.  It still remains to be seen how much of a deterrent this really is, but the fact is it sets the stage for expelling the families of these attackers, which most people believe will be a serious deterrent.