Arab Students at Hebrew U Call to Expel the “Zionists” from Israel

Arab students at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University called to expel the “Zionists” from Israel during a protest held yesterday at the university’s Mount Scopus campus.

“Palestine is Arab from the river to the sea; Zionists leave, our land is Arab and free; We will not give up, Israel is a terrorist; Raise up your hand and scream, death is better than humiliation,” were among the slogans chanted by the Arab students affiliated with the Joint List.

The protestors were joined by Joint List member of Knesset, Yousef Jabareen, who told the protestors to “keep on fighting for coexistence. We should be proud of our struggle.”

On the other side of the barricade stood students from the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, who organized a counter demonstration. The students waved Israeli flags and sang Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem.

The protest was called in response to a clash yesterday between Arab and Jewish students over a memorial erected by students from Im Tirtzu for Sgt. Ron Kukia, who was murdered last week in Arad.

Arab students responded to the memorial by approaching it while waving a Palestinian flag in protest, prompting an altercation.

“What we have seen in Hebrew University over the past few days is disgraceful,” said Tom Nisani, national branch coordinator for Im Tirtzu who was present at the protest. “Under the guise of free speech, Arab students are calling for the destruction of Israel and are inciting violence. The university must take this incitement seriously and immediately discipline those students responsible.”

Last month Arab students held a similar protest over the Israeli presence in the Golan Heights, during which they chanted slogans including “Zionists, out” and “There is no solution, but to get rid of the occupier.”

In May, Arab students staged a protest in solidarity with Palestinian security prisoners where they waved photos of convicted terrorists and called for “Intifada.”

PM Netanyahu Blasts Hebrew U for Cancelling ‘Hatikvah’ at Graduation Ceremony

PM Netanyahu called the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Humanities decision to not play “Hatikvah” at tonight’s graduation ceremony “embarrassing” and the “peak of subservience, the opposite of national pride.”
The Prime Minister’s statement came following a recording obtained by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu in which a department worker explained that the faculty’s dean ordered the national anthem not to be played as to not offend any of the Arab students.
“We are proud of our country, our flag, our national anthem, and this only reinforces my opinion to pass the national law that we are leading in order to anchor into law the national symbols that are so dear to us,” added Netanyahu.
Education Minister and head of the Council for Higher Education Naftali Bennett also responded to the news by phoning Hebrew University President Menahem Ben Sasson and clarifying that “Hatikvah” needs to be played at every state ceremony held at the University.
Bennett added that in regards to non-state ceremonies, “the decision of whether or not to play the anthem cannot be influenced by consideration of whose feelings it hurts, as a symbol of the State of Israel does not constitute any harm.”
The Education Minister also informed the President that as a public institution, Hebrew University must “honor the state that stands behind it.”
Prof. Ben Sasson said that he would ensure that the national anthem is played at state ceremonies, and would look into this specific event.
In a statement released by Hebrew University, they said that: “There is no statutory provision and/or guidance from the Council for Higher Education regarding the singing of anthems at academic ceremonies, hence there is no basis for complaints to the university on the subject. At official state ceremonies at Hebrew University, the national anthem is played as usual. At academic ceremonies there is no obligation to play the anthem.”
Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg noted that “over that past few weeks, we have been witness to a number of anti-Israel events held on Israeli campuses, including events marking Israel’s establishment as a catastrophe.”
“We welcome the mobilization of government officials who are working to stop this absurdity,” Peleg added.