COVID-19, The Great Reset, and the Final War

The world as we know it, is churning. The simple assumptions on how things are supposed to work are gone now. The governments of the world are either inept or incompetent or perhaps nearly malicious in their attempt to use COVID-19 to take control of their countries in a way we have only read in dystopian science-fiction novels.

Despite our normalization bias, which creeps up on us when we want to forget what is happening, the things we are seeing are happening. Lock downs, mask mandates, and wealth transfers are happening. This is what they call the “Great Reset.”

All of this is happening under the guise of stopping a virus that has an extremely low mortality rate – no different than the flu if the affected is below 55 and has no pre-existing disorders.

The global elite has used mass media, a low information populace, and spineless politicians to exert control and take away our freedoms.

We assumed the End of Days – the Final War would be nuclear – something cataclysmic. We were wrong. The Final War is between two sides. The side of darkness wants to to turn us into slaves – to render our humanity obsolete by flooding our minds with fear and insecurity. The side of light knows the truth and knows that at the end the darkness will be pushed aside. The side of light knows that this is all about the elite’s attempt for total control and the creation a global dystopian authoritarianism where none of us will truly be free. In their world we are but a cog in the wheel of their wealth engine.

We can be free. We can cut loose from their grasp, but we must decide to say no to their edicts and we must understand that it is time cling to the truth that all of us despite what their side says are made in the image of the Almighty. It is this image they want to destroy and it is this image which is the engine of our salvation, because within each us is the gateway to the Divine blueprint of Creation. It is our pipeline to infinite faith.

The hour is near. The Great Reset is upon upon us. Only our faith in the Creator will see us through.