Yes Orly, We Do Care About Dead Palestinians

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ommentator and Left wing activist Orly Noy of the far Left 972 Mag wrote an article entitled: When do Israelis care about dead Palestinians? She asserts that the current outrage against far Left Agitator Ezra Nawi over his bragging of getting Palestinians killed by the PA over their property sales is pure politics. She compares this to the lack of outrage over hunger striking Muhammad al-Qiq a Palestinian journalist arrested by Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority because he criticized PA policies.

Orly says the following: “All of a sudden the entire country has come together, concerned about the possible wrongdoing to a Palestinian from the occupied territories. All of a sudden Abu Khalil’s life — and death — have become meaningful for Israelis. All of a sudden the Israeli public cares about a dead Palestinian.”

Israeli society is outraged about what occurred with Ezra Nawi, because it is at its core hypocritical. There is one thing to say you support Palestinian rights . I may disagree with that, but it is part of discourse. Yet, using your stature as a Palestinian rights activist to turn trusting Palestinians over to an abusive leadership simply because one disagrees with Jewish Land purchases is patently hypocritical and sick.

Orly is right though, the Israeli government should stop working to prop up the Ramallah regime.  The only difference between Orly and myself is what should replace it.  Land of Israel activists believe the best and most humane solution is to annex Judea and Samaria, which will end the occupation.  The result of this would actually give the Palestinian Arabs that are law abiding the chance to have a far better life as part of the Israeli civil society.

Something tells me Orly Noy would disagree.