Yes, The West Wants to Ethnically Cleanse Israel of Jews

Turning the tables on the long-held “wisdom” that Israel/PA peace is rooted in the brutal removal of thousands of Jews living in areas “Palestinian” Arabs claim for a future state, Prime Minister Netanyahu cleverly put the final nail in the already long dead “peace” process.

“There will be no ethnic cleansing of Jews in Judea and Samaria,” the Prime Minister said in his short video.

Condemnation was swift, yet despite the implications of such a stance, the West’s view that it is appropriate to remove Jews from their homes while Arabs can continue to build and expand is not only overtly anti-Semitic, it is down right hostile to the very country it needs to bring to the table if it really wants a deal.

Yet, that is it.  The West doesn’t care about a deal that doesn’t achieve the same goals it had when it hoped the rag-tag army of Jews would be wiped out by the five nation strong Arab juggernaut nearly 70 years ago.  A deal for the West must end in a neutered Israel, an Israel dependent on the West for defense.  If Israel holds onto Judea and Samaria or at the very least provide security for the Jews living there, Israel would retain its sense of indigenous connection to its most sacred areas.

Break the BDS

For the Arabs and the West, their neo-colonial aspiration rest on the removal and disconnect of the Jewish people from places like Hebron, Shilo, and Elon Morey.  These are the places that form the foundation of the Jewish people’s connection to their ancient land.

Bibi Netanyahu’s video revealed the truth underlying the West’s drive for peace.  The truth is that the peace process is merely a back door attempt to destroy the Jewish state. This is why both Foggy Bottom and the PA are so incensed with it.