WAR EXPANDS: Putin Backed Rebels in Eastern Ukraine Continue to Attack NATO Trained Troops

Rebel fighters in the Lugnask and Donetsk regions have continued their Russian backed offense against Kiev backed military positions in an attempt to push back the NATO backed government out of culturally heavy Russian regions.

Updates in the Ukrainian/Russian conflict over the last 24 hours:

  • Locals and separatists have fired on Ukrainian military positions in Donbass 20 times.
  • In the Mariupol sector Russian-separatist forces fired 120-mm mortar shells on Chermalyk and Shyrokyne. While In Krasnohorivka rebels fired 82-mm mortar shells.
  • In Novotroyitske government forces were fired on by sharpshooters.
  • Rebels attacked Lebedynske, Slavne and Pavlopil with grenade launchers.
  • In Donetsk rebels and locals fired on Vodiane using 152 and 122 mm artillery.
  • Verkhniotoretske was shelled by 120 and 82 mm mortars.
  • Avdiyivka and Luhanske were attacked by rebels using infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

Next steps for Putin and Ukraine

As the EU establishment continues to be rocked by growing populism, Putin has grown far less restrained in holding back rebels in Eastern Ukraine.  He has increased their offensives against the NATO trained Ukrainian army with an attempt to carve an area that is loyal to Moscow.  So far the chaos he has brought the Ukraine has begin to be effective.  For its part NATO continues to rush troops to the Baltic member states in a weak reaction to Putin’s news push.

A Wider War

By expanding operations in Ukraine and putting ballistic Iskander missiles in Kalingrad, Putin is our matching the directionless NATO.  With a matter of weeks left before Donald Trump becomes America’s 45th President, Russia and NATO are flirting with a much wider war that threatens to engulf the Middle East and Europe.



BREAKING NEWS: Putin Retaliates for Ukraine’s Missile Violation

Just when you thought it was safe again, Putin is getting his sweet revenge for Ukraine’s missile test violation over Crimea.

UkrinForm a pro-Kiev Social Platform reports the following:

Militants launched 25 attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the ATO zone in Donbas over the past day, the ATO press center reports.

In particular, in Mariupol direction, terrorists used 120mm and 82mm mortars to shell Krasnohorivka and Talakovka. Also, militants fired on Marinka, using mortars, armored personnel carriers, air defense guns and large caliber machineguns.

In Donetsk direction, militants launched attacks on the Ukrainian positions in Avdiivka, using grenade launchers and large caliber machineguns.

In Luhansk direction, the Ukrainian troops in Novozvanivka came under 120mm and 82mm mortars attacks, while in Novooleksandrivka, Troitske and Krymske terrorists attacked the Ukrainian soldiers using grenade launchers of various systems. Terrorists also launched attacks on Stanitsa Luhanska.

Ignore the semantics used by the ATO to term rebels as terrorists and look at the bigger picture.  A NATO backed Ukraine fired missiles near Russian controlled Crimea expecting Putin to sit quiet. Putin never attacks direct.  His reaction is now clearly being felt in the war on Donbass as he has given the green light for a serious Russian backed rebel offensive.

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

Does anyone else see the coming clash between NATO and Russia?


Ukraine Fires Missiles on Russian Border, Will Putin Respond?

Despite Russian threats, NATO backed Ukraine went ahead with missile tests near Russian controlled Crimea on Thursday and Friday.

“No one will stop us,” Western backed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tweeted. “We will be acting in the interests of the people of Ukraine!”

Although Ukraine insists that none of the missiles have landed within 30km of Russian controlled Crimea, Russia issued serious warnings to Ukraine before the missile test.

It was reported, “Unnamed sources in Ukraine have told local Ukrainian newspapers that they received a letter from Russia’s Defense Ministry effectively threatening Ukraine with a direct military response if Ukraine goes through with its planned missile test.”

With the Donbass reagion spiralling out of controll as Russian backed Ukrainians threaten an all out revolt against Kiev, Russian threats over the missile test put the ball back in Putin’s court.

With NATO pushing against Russia’s borders, it would seem unlikely that Putin will leave the latest provocation unanswered.  The only question is when and what exactly will be his response.

In the past Putin has opted for causing problems elsewhere in the globe such as Syria, but it seems more than likely that the focus in terms of a direct response will be the Donbass. In the coming days Russia will pour more weapons and support into the region in hopes the break away actually turns into a reality.