The Election That Broke America

Something happened on Nov. 3rd. The quiet deconstruction of a unified American ethos, which had been occuring slowly and with little open expression, finally broke out into the conscious psyche of American politics.

For years there has been a growing divide between Red State and Blue State America, but now this divide has spilled out into a real split. Neither side trusts eachother and neither side appears interested in reconciling. In a sense there are two countries existing in one land mass.

So what’s next? And how does this impact Israel and the world?

The aftermath of the election and the uncertainty of America’s future as its decline becomes more and more apparent has no doubt emboldened its enemies, which in many cases are the same enemies that Israel has.

Without unity of purpose and with one President in the White House and another “President” acting as a shadow president, the US remains fractured on all issues. China, Iran, immigration, abortion, gun rights, and more appear to be issues which both the Blue Country and Red Country have diametrically divergent views about.

Ultimately, there is no long term salvation for the USA without a real sense of cultural cohesiveness; the sort of something, which is more than just a focus on making money.

America is now heading towards a breakup. First it will be unoffical, but as unresolvable issues pile up and the hard left tries to be more bolshevik than the bolsheviks, the break will in fact materialize. Red Country America and Blue Country America will separate.

Iran will rise once more after being beaten back by Trump. Turkey will continue to dominate and expand. China will overtake the USA and the West as the unrivaled superpower.

Israel will continue to be seen by Greece and Cyprus as well as the Eastern block of the EU as the fulcrum, which they can rely on. The same goes for the Sunni Arab States.

So however the next week pans out for Trump or Biden (media projections are meaningless) the USA has passed the tipping point and is now on a real descent.

The Statue of Exile falls at the End of Days. We will soon find out how long that actually takes and what will be taken down with it.