[watch] Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat: Jerusalem is Not Open to Negotiation

Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat spoke about the recent UNSC Resolution 2334 and his support for PM Netanyahu’s “strong stance.”

“They have always said in Israel, from Ben Gurion through Begin, that it does not matter what the nations do, it matters what Israel does. I wish to strengthen the Prime Minister, who stands in front of the national camp as a shield, protecting the rights and status of the Jewish nation and the Torah of Israel, and he stands as a wall against all who would weaken us. I call also upon the President of the United States to act fast and relate to the nations that Jerusalem is not open to negotiation.”

Mayor Nir Barkat is a successful hi-tech entrepreneur that has helped transform Jerusalem into a modern bustling capital while safeguarding access to its holy sites and spiritual atmosphere.