Jund al-Aqsa: What is America Hiding in Syria?

With the American military claiming the recent attack on the Syrian Arab Army a mistake, evidence seems to indicate that other forces are at play indicating that this attack was far from a mistake.  The attack on the Syrian Arab Army comes at a time when the fragile cease fire hammered out between the Americans and Russians appears to be unravelling already. 

Given the fact that the Americans have been operating in Eastern Syria for a while, how could they possibly make a mistake like this?  Afterall they know the Deir Ez-Zor  area far better than the other players, even Russia.


Something that will shed light on the attack is the group the Syrian Arab Army was fighting. Their name is Jund al-Aqsa and despite their affiliation to radical salafist ideology the US only named them a terrorist entity 3 days ago.  In fact they were funded by the US and given sophisticated weaponry in their fight against the Syrian Army.

Salman Rafi Sheikh of the New Eastern Outlook says the following:

A look at the pattern of how the US-led coalition has been striking in the region would further reveal that the last strike, which killed more than 60 Syrian soldiers, was not simply a mistake. ISIS and the Syrian army have been fighting in the region, in Deir ez-Zor, for a long time. How come it be that the US led coalition never struck ISIS when it was rather successfully moving westward, for example, when it took Palmyra last year? Consistent with its current narrative, the US officials might like to put on this question another mask of “coincidence” and deep “regret.”


Since the “mistaken” American strike Jund al-Aqsa has been on a role in other areas, most notably Hama farther to te West and near Aleppo.  In those areas they have pushed back the Syrian Army and gained considerable ground.

The American air strike seems more like a supporting mission that was uncovered by the Russians.  But there is more.  The ceasefire was opposed by Ashton Carter the American Secretary of Defense and most of the Defense establishment who are hell-bent on removing Assad from power by any means necessary. They have been using ISIS style terror entities as proxies for a while and until the Russians entered the fray it worked.

Now with the Russia and the Syrian Army pushing back most of the gains the US proxies made over the last few years, the US defense establishment is taking one last chance by using ISIS off shoots like Jund al-Aqsa to push back against the Syrian Army.  By declaring the air strikes a mistake the US hopes to cover he fact that ISIS as we know it is really the Frankenstein of the Department of Defense led by Ashton Carter.

This Frankenstein has gone mad.