PACKERS CORNER: “Palestinians aren’t willing to play ball with the Trump Administration”

People are still getting over the 8 day jelly doughnut malaise that is Hanukah here in Israel, but despite this, there were some developments this week.

And here they are:

-The Syrian Government continues to consolidate their control over more areas of their former country – specifically in the area of the northern Golan Heights. They are doing this with the significant involvement of Hezbollah forces – which ain’t great for Israel. It remains to be seen if Hezbollah will attempt to maintain forces in close proximity to the Israeli border and, if they do, what will be Israel’s response.

-The fallout of President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration continues to be unimpressive. THANK G-D!

– A few more arabs have been killed in violent protests over the past week, but nothing serious.

-Meanwhile, despite the fact that the arab street has not rallied to the cause, Abu Mazen, the long-term dictator of the Palestinian Authority (PA), has been talking alot of smack against President Trump and the US. Well, things with this President are slightly different than with those in the past. Therefore, it is being reported in numerous outlets that the US is cutting off all ties with the leadership of the pa, as well as encouraging others to do the same. It would seem that if the Palestinians aren’t willing to play ball with the Trump Administration, then they will be made irrelevant and ignored. Negotiations will instead be carried out with Saudi Arabia and other arab countries as to how to best solve/manage the conflict. If significant funding is removed, it is hard to see how the PA could continue to function much longer.

-Finally, the proverbial veil has been lifted and its now public info that Turkey is attempting to return to control Jerusalem. (In fairness, over the past 500 years, the Turks controlled Jerusalem for about 400 of them. Jews are in distant second place at 50 years). They are spending alot of money and sending groups of Turkish tourists – dressed especially religious and with propaganda supporting the palestinian cause against Israel. They have zero chance of success, but Erdogan ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Israel’s current position is undeniably wonderful – economically, militarily and politically, but Prof. Mordechai Kedar puts it better in arabic.

Our Moral Hypocrites

There was recently a “feel good” story in Israel that didn’t make me feel so good. I’ll explain why.  An Iranian female blogger for the Times of Israel (a publication I hold in very low esteem) living in Turkey believed herself to be in danger of being deported from Turkey back to Iran. There was fear that she could face punishment in her native Iran for her Israeli connections and possibly even the death penalty. (link –
As a result of this potential life-endangering scenario, the Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri granted the non-Jewish woman asylum in Israel. After some Turkish imposed delays, she arrived safely in Israel.
While I don’t know for sure how likely any of this actually was, including the death penalty part, I think I’m in the solid majority of opinion that its better to be safe than sorry in such cases and it was right of the Israeli Government to act as they did. Despite this, I am left with a bad feeling. Why?
Another story also came out this week (link: about a non-Jew who had contacts with Israeli Jews and faces a potential death penalty. But this story is much worse and, so far, doesn’t end as nicely. In this case, the arab sold properties to Jews in Hevron, a capital crime under the Palestinian Authority (PA) for which other offenders have been executed in the past. He is now being held in confinement by the PA in Hevron. Not only is Israel not helping him, according to reports they are actually actively incriminating him. And he’s not the only arab being held in Hevron for the “crime” of selling land to a Jew. Where is his asylum and that of others?
I have no problem rescuing a politically irrelevant blogger in Turkey, but woudn’t it be more moral and strategic to rescue the very relevant and very endangered arab(s) in Hevron?  I don’t expect the Times of Israel to take up their cause, but I think we should expect faithful Jews to do so.

Fake Threats and the Wandering Jew Has Arrived

As all are certainly aware, there has recently been some drama surrounding (literally) the Temple Mount. This drama has been accompanied by grandiose threats from both local and foreign muslim terrorist leaders. From Mahmoud Abbas, dictator of the largest local arab mafia, “The Israelis will lose as a result of this.“ Others, such as Erdogan in Turkey and the little “King” in Jordan have been constantly predicting tragedy for Israel if security measures are not removed. Tons of endless threats. It reminds of the unwillingness of the new US Administration to move their Embassy to Jerusalem – the arab world will not tolerate it. There will be mayhem and chaos. blah, blah blah.

With the plethora of threats and doomsday predictions, I was reminded of a particular passage in quite an interesting book I recently read – “The Wandering Jew Has Arrived” by French journalist Albert Londres (Geffen Publishing House). The book is the result of Mr. Londres’ extensive investigations into the perilous situation of world Jewry in the year 1929. He first describes in detail the dire po‎sition of Jews in Europe – both Western and Eastern. He follows this by making a personal pilgrimage to the Land of Israel to see firsthand the situation of the Jews there. Mr. Londres is quite enamored by Zionism and the secular Zionists in Tel Aviv and the various kibbutzim. He is less enchanted, although maintains a certain respect, by the religious Jews, both in Europe and Israel. (He would probably be surprised to hear that his book encouraged me to grow my peyos out.)

At the end of the book, there is a dialogue between the author and local arab leaders in Jaffa. At the end of the conversation about the recent massacres of Jews in Hevron and other cities, Mr. Londres recalls a discussion he previously had with the current Mayor of Jerusalem, Ragheb Bey al-Nashashibi.  In that conversation, Al-Nashashibi said that as long as the Balfour Declaration stood, there would have to be more massacres. The author then said to him, “you can’t kill all the Jews. They number one hundred and fifty thousand. It would take too long!” To which the Mayor responded “Two days.” The author pointed out that would be “seventy-five thousand per day.”  The answer from the Mayor: “No problem!” The other arab notables all completely agreed with this sentiment.

Now for the best part: the journalist’s response:

“So, gentlemen, when the British board their ships, do me a favor and send me a telegram. I think that you are overestimating your strength. The new Jews are not going to let themselves bleed to death. I am even certain that they will pay you back in kind. It will be a tough battle. Here is my address. Don’t forget to notify me.”

A few years later, Mr. Londres perished in a fire. However, safe to assume the arabs never wrote to him with an update. Empty threats from the arabs are not new. You’d think we’d realize that by now. Often reading a book set in the past helps us to better understand the present. The Jewish People are not going to lose, regardless of Abbas’, Erdogan’s, or Abdullah’s  empty threats or Bibi’s pathetic capitulations. Its just very likely that in the future they might look as silly as these jokers do in this book.

Which is worse – UNESCO or Bibi?

The Israeli Government is all up in arms over the decision by UNESCO today to recognize the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron as an “endangered palestinian heritage site”. Condemnations are flowing in from various Government officials.

Here’s the problem: These are the exact same Israeli Government officials who have refused to allowed Jews to move into houses they have legally purchased in Hevron. Refused to allow building by Jews on Jewish-owned properties for decades. Refused to renovate the Jewish prayer section of the very same Tomb of the Patriarchs so that Jews can pray without fear of weather elements and wildlife.

All of this has NOT been done for fear of offending the very same terrorists who brought this motion to the UN.

Quite frankly: its time for Bibi and his cheerleaders to put up or shut up.

Palestinian News is Fake News

This past Friday, a group of Jewish hikers, accompanied by the IDF, visited an archaeological site known as “Hilkiah Palace” near Hevron. (source:
According to the article on Arutz Sheva, as a result of the tour, an elaborate tunnel system from the time of the Bar Kochba revolt was discovered and explored. Its very important to note that the entire site wasn’t even discovered until 2014!!!
Now of course, the Arabs have a different take and, without any evidence whatsoever, claim: “that Khirbet al-Muwarraq is one of the most important Roman Empire-era archaeological sites in the occpupied Palestinian territory and represents an important part of Palestinian heritage.” (from fake Maan News –
Now here’s the problem: the Hilkiah Palace is in Area B. If it were in Area C, visits and development would always be allowed. However, because its is Area B, visits are very limited and responsible development (as opposed to arab plunder missions) is deemed impossible. 
This is not right! Rejecting Oslo means rejecting all of Oslo. This is exactly what needs to be done. I’m not suggesting we immediately remove autonomy from heavily-populated arab areas, but there needs to be better national priorities. Sites like this castle and Joshua’s Tomb in Kifl Hares (also Area B), the graves of Pinchas and others in Awarta (also Area B) and of course Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem (ostensibly Area A) must be placed under Israel control! These sites, and many others, must be developed and made accessible to religious visitors and tourists. 

All They Do Is Lose

David Friedman will be confirmed as US Ambassador to Israel. Just like all the other Trump nominees have already or will be confirmed. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – its simple math. The Republicans control the White House and the Congress.

Since its Black History Month, I have been paying particular attention to the urban beats. There is one recent hit called, “All I do is win”. Its very catchy. A little too materialistic and sexually explicit, but nonetheless, I like the enthusiasm.
Those on the left, particularly the “reform movement”, seemed to have ignored this wondrous time of year and embraced their own opposite refrain of “all we do is lose”. Because all they do is lose.
They lost the White House (and before that the Congress). They will lose all of these confirmations. And most importantly, Friedman’s upcoming confirmation will symbolize the biggest loss of all – the end of their catastrophic representation of American Jewry.
The “reform movement” declares that Mr. Friedman is “the wrong man for this essential job at this critical time”(
This is absurd, but incredibly accurate in describing the role the “reform movement” has played in the American Jewish experience. All they’ve done is lose. They’ve lost millions of Jews.
Ambassador Friedman’s confirmation is an important step in the process of reversing this horrific trend and making American Judaism great again!

The Most Heroic at Amona – the “Violent” Youth

In the aftermath of the expulsion and upcoming destruction of the Jewish Community of Amona, r”l, I think its important to reflect a bit. It just happened and it will take time to analyze mistakes made and by whom, but there are a few observations that can already be conclusively drawn.

1. Not speaking against the families of Amona, they are suffering terribly and deserve our support, but their major handicap in this struggle was their hashkafa – their blind trust in the Government and their “leaders”. No other community in Israel, including the secular, ascribe to such rigid beliefs of support for the “authorities”.

2. When “leaders” promise something very bad won’t happen just because they don’t want it to, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!

3. The most heroic are those Jewish youth who made it to the mountain in the extreme cold and difficult conditions AND AGAINST THE ORDERS OF THE POLICE!!! Following police orders is not a mitzvah and often is likely an aveirah, One doesn’t have to live in the Old City of Jerusalem (although it helps) to realize how terribly awful the Israeli police are. They are not all evil, but most are and the leadership is even worse. No one is doing anything about this and yet the Religious Zionists continue to pray for these wicked people every Shabbat in Synagogue. It truly makes no sense. It reminds of battered wife syndrome. Its not a religious philosophy, its an unhealthy mental condition.

There seems to be a difference of opinion as to who instigated violence at Amona. WHY WOULD ANY NORMAL PERSON BELIEVE THE POLICE?!!! Even Betzalel Smotrich has criticized the wonderful youth, after comparing the situation to rape. How pathetically sad and more proof of a disfunctional hashkafa! You take the side of the police over the Jewish kids attempting to save a SYNAGOGUE in Israel!! Read that again. Its insane!

4. Those heroes from the Synagogue should strongly consider joining the Haredi world. Nobody in the Haredi thinks what they did was bad. Gilad Erdan thinks it was bad. He is not a religious leader, putting it mildly. He’s a jerk. And so are his henchman that beat Jewish kids and now are going to destroy an entire community and synagogue in Israel, r’l.

I once heard a rabbi say, “its one thing to be willing to die for something, its another thing to be willing to fight for it.”

Right now, the people of Amona deserve our sympathy and support, the heroic youth deserve our praise.

Time to Eliminate the Palestinian Authority Terrorist Mafia

News reports recently emerged that FORMER(!!) President Obama attempted to transfer $221 million to the Palestinian Authority in the last hours of his presidency. (Important reminder: HE’S NO LONGER PRESIDENT!!). These funds had been held back by the Republican-controlled Congress until Obama acted last Friday. Efforts are now underway by President Trump’s Administration to recover the funds before they end up in the terrorist coffers.

With this ridiculous incident in mind, I thought it time to address a larger issue: the catastrophic continued existence of the Palestinian Authority at all. 

Last week someone casually asked me: “What’s the first major thing you would do if you were Prime Minister of Israel?”

My answer: Eliminate the Palestinian Authority (PA) – IMMEDIATELY. Arrest the leadership, confiscate all the weapons, restore order. (of course, I would also authorize tons of building in Judea, Samaria and all of Jerusalem.) There are roles for leadership within the arab society, the PA is not fit to filling any of them!

In short, I’d end their mafia-style rule. The intimidation and violence of the PA stretches throughout the entire land and it must be stopped!

The big question commonly being asked of the “right-wing” these days is: what do they propsose to do with the arab inhabitants of Judea and Samaria. The problem is that in order to have a plan of action, we need to know what those arabs want  – both collectively and individually. Person by person. Village by village. Who wants to sell and leave? Who wants to become a citizen? Who wants to become a resident? Who wants to resist violently? (bad move)

These questions cannot be honestly answered as long as the PA still exists. As long as all-encompassing fear of retribution pervades the arab society in Israel, we can never know how realistic it is to implement any relevant policies. All the polls of the arab population are wrong, all interviews with arabs are meaningless, and of course any elections are more than quite questionable.

As was typical of Obama’s time in office, his final move was entirely counterproductive to anything good. It was basically a microcosm of all eight years. If Trump can fix this, there is hope he can fix all eight years!

By continuing to bankroll the terrorist/mafia-style PA, the international community lessons the chances of peace and prosperity for all. The greatest sin of the Oslo Accords was the creation of the PA. Eliminating the PA is the first step on the path to actual peace.

Time to Say Bye to the UN

It appears the UN has once again spent the day condemning Israel. In all, 6 resolutions bashing Israel were passed on one day last week. One of the resolutions called for Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights and to return the area to the Syrian Government – yes, the same one that is currently (TODAY!!) massacring civilians in Aleppo and throughout Syria. This is the same Syrian Government that is under the complete control of Hezbollah and Iran. This is the same Syrian Government that has used chemical weapons on civilians. And on and on.

Israel has aleady controlled the Golan Heights for nearly 50 years – longer than Syria ever controlled it (47 years). In that time, Israel has officially annexed the area and the Jewish population has gradually increased. It now stands around 25,000 – with concrete plans to increase to well over 30,000 in the near future.

These previous realities starkly display how irrelevant and worthless the recent UN resolution is for all practical purposes. There is no question as to the future of the Golan Heights – they will always be part of Israel. The question is, how should Israel respond to this resolution and the others that were passed.  Additionally, there are constant threats of further UN resolutions and even Security Council resolutions against Israel.

Israel should quit the United Nations. Effective Immediately! 

By continuing to be members of this ridiculous “organization”, Israel gives some level of legitimacy to the nonsense that is regularly spewed there. This is the same group that disputes a Jewish connection to Jerusalem, that relegates random arabs to “palestinian refugee status”, that refuses to actually stop genocides around the world and that actively aids Israel’s enemies in times of military conflict. And that’s a very partial list of their complicity to evil.

The Jewish Nation is called upon to “dwell alone” and we are callled upon to be a “light unto the nations”. We can accomplish neither as members of the United Nations. Its time to embrace our destiny and our reponsibility. For our own sake and the sake of the nations of the world, Israel should say Bye to the United Nations.


What Comes with Hillary

As the US Presidential Election day nears, I thought it would be a good idea for US voters who care about Israel to better focus on the choice at hand – between voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. (makes so little sense to vote for the other two clowns, I’m not even going to address it.)

Of course, when it comes to voting, you can’t always know what you are going to get. Years ago, Israelis voted for a right-wing Ariel Sharon and instead got a pathetic imitation of  Abu Mazen. Thus its impossible to say what will be with one of the candidates as President, but we have to do the best we can and make the best decision based on the facts that are available.

I personally do not think that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are anti-Israel (certainly not like the current President).  Yes, in the past, Clinton has done some pretty piss-poor things, but they were done at the behest of others. I suppose she could have refused, but its a little much to ask of someone with no personal connection to the situation. As a Senator her record was pretty good on Israel. Since Donald Trump has no previous political experience, not much to go on with past actions. His declarations on Israel have been amazing, but it remains to be seen how much of that would actually be implemented – like moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Not our first rodeo on that one.

So what are pro-Israel voters to do? The solution is to ask the most important question: Who comes with the candidates to the White House? For Trump, its consistent pro-Israel champions like David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt. The likes of Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton would probably join many other stellar pro-Israel figures in a Trump Administration. Contrary to liberal spin, its highly unlikely (putting it mildly) anyone like David Duke or any other open anti-semite would play any role in any Trump policy.

What about a Clinton Administration? Safe to assume there would be some holdovers from the Obama Administration. Howerver, there would be others. And those others are the ones that are most concerning – folks like Martin Indyk, Sid Blumenthal, Dennis Ross and the worst – Daniel Kurtzer. To get the point across, let’s just focus on Kurtzer a bit. You never know, maybe the others did teshuva (although it would be ridiculous to assume that). Kurtzer conveniently just published a piece yesterday attacking the Jewish Presence in Judea and Samaria. You can read the full article here. (before you begin reading, make sure you are near a bathroom.)

I’m not going to go through the entire article and pick it apart for all its distortions and inaccuracies – that would take some time. However the worst part of the article is his heartfelt advice to the US Government on how to try and convince Israel to remove Jews from their homes in parts of their ancestral homeland. He advocates a combination of anti-Israel legislation at the UN, tying US aid to Israel with Israeli Government funding spent in Judea and Samaria and boycotts of Jewish goods (similar to in Europe -both now and in the 1930’s/40’s).

Don’t want to give it away, but here’s the best part of the article – the end (and not just because if finally finishes). Kurtzer writes:

“All of these options will be difficult to pursue politically in Washington. Strong bipartisan support for Israel has tended to drown out debate about how the United States should deal with Israeli policies…”

He already admits that none of these things will happen. What a loser!This is the kind of loser that comes with Hillary Clinton. And there are plenty more of them as well. One thing that can be guaranteed about Trump – he ain’t bringing Daniel Kurtzer with him to the White House. For the pro-Israel voter, the proper choice on election day is quite clear.