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Israel Rising is fast becoming an indispensable resource for those Israel supporters who want a complete news and analysis experience. Our Facebook community is highly engaged and in an era when most pro-Israel content platforms are seeing a drop in Facebook traffic and engagement, Israel Rising has seen a steady growth.

Our readers continue to return and stay on our site far longer than the average. This coupled with our increasing expert brand and large email list makes us a serious resource for any online campaign targeting pro-Israel supporters.

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The Basic Plan is an excellent starting package for those who want to get their company or organization seen by a large amount of pro-Israel supporters.  Your ad copy will placed at strategic locations throughout Israel Rising to maximize impressions and clicks.


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The Extra Plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus 3 featured articles per month.  These articles are excellent to help drive focused traffic to your site as well as establishing brand recognition to a broader audience around the world.


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The Comprehensive Plan includes everything in the Basic and Extra plans plus a monthly Facebook live interview with Israel Rising founder, David Mark.  Each interview reaches thousands of viewers and packs a serious punch even after its finished.