Shabbat Prayers By Building Collapse Site Show Jewish Unity

After five days of searching the final body buried underneath the collapsed building in Tel Aviv was found by Zaka and the army. Zaka is the Israeli organization that works to uncover the dead, whether they are religious or secular Jews as well as non-Jewish Israelis.

Zaka continued to work through Shabbat according Jewish law.  Below is a powerful expression of Jewish unity through the celebration of Shabbat at the collapse site.

קידוש ליל שבת חוצה מגזרים!

בערב שבת בין החיפושים באתר החניון שקרס בתל אביב נערך קידוש על פי המסורת היהודית.

פשוט מרגש לראות שעם ישראל מתאחד כשצריך!

Posted by ‎דיווח ראשוני‎ on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Three of the six victims have been named as Oleg Yakubov (60) from Tel Aviv, Dennis Diatzniko (28), a foreign worker from Ukraine, and Ihad Ajhaj (34), a Palestinian from Bayt Rima, northwest of Ramallah.