[watch] WAR DRUMS: USS Cole to the Red Sea, Fresh Sanctions on Iran, Ayatollah Warns

Things are continuing to heat up in the Middle East as the US Military has sent the USS Cole to patrol off the coast of Yemen following a Houthi attack on a Saudi Arabian vessel earlier in the week.  This has been coupled with the Trump administration adding fresh sanctions to the Iranian regime. With tensions rising between the US and Iran, the Ayatollah has threatened to attack US interests in the region.

Iranian Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said the following in response to the sanctions:

“If the enemy does not walk the line, our missiles come down on them.” He continued to say “We are working day and night to protect Iran’s security. If we see smallest misstep from the enemies, our roaring missiles will fall on their heads.” 

The war of words and posturing have continued with President Trump threatening Iran on Twitter:

While the Ayatollah and the President continue to verbally attack one another, Secretary of Defense Mattis has been in Asia , seemingly to build an anti-Iranian coalition.

Things To Look Out For

With the USS Cole back in the Red Sea and the Iranians pressed by the Trump administration, look for an attack against the battleship in order to force Trump to resspond.  Another thing to pay attention to is whether or not the US will convince Putin’s Russia to part ways with Iran. If so, the Ayatollahs will have no choice but to attack.