Globalists Continue to Pressure Israel to Destroy Jewish Houses while Building Homes for Arabs

Israel’s Civil Administration, the section of the army in charge of administering Israeli control over Judea and Samaria authorized new Arab buildings near Jewish Susiya.  The government has been under intense pressure to provide building permits for Arabs in Area C, the area of Judea and Samaria under complete Israeli control.

While Arab squatters from Yatta continue to illegally build and set up a fake village on top of the remains of the ancient Jewish village of Susiya, the government in Jerusalem has folded to international pressure and agreed to allow Arabs to build houses nearby.

National Union faction head Uri Ariel was outraged.  Yet, the program is part of Defense Minister Lieberman’s new program of reward for “moderate” Arabs while coming down hard on extreme ones.

“The program’s goal is to do good by those prepared to live in co-existence with us, and on the other hand make things harder for those planning terror attacks,” Liberman said, according to Ha’aretz.

However, this reasoning is dubious as the EU has been publicly advocating for new Arab houses in the area for months as well funding the illegal encampment nearby. More than likely, Lieberman’s carrot and stick policy is coverage for his inability to stand up to international pressure.

Obama and EU Forcing Israel to Kick Jews Out of their Homes

Meanwhile, the Jewish community of Amona slated for destruction has sent the government scrambling for solutions to the ruling of the Supreme Court that insisted on leveling the Jewish community.  Although the government is trying to find a way to legalize Amona in order to prevent a coalition crisis, chances are slim Bibi Netanyahu will be able to stall long enough to find a solution.

The Obama administration has stepped in and urged the Israeli government to knock down the Jewish homes effectively leaving the inhabitants homeless because as State Department spokesman Mark Toner has insisted that the 98 homes of Amona are an impediment to peace.

The government in Israel seems incapable of preventing an infringement of the Jewish people’s basic sovereignty in its historic homeland. Until it understands than any folding against international pressure gives more power to its enemies, more and more Jewish communities will be in danger.




J Street’s New Mission: Destroy Regavim and Israel at all Costs

It has been revealed that Jeremy Ben-Ami head of J-Street, the anti-Israel organization based in America, sent an email out to the group’s supporters notifying them that he is personally applying pressure to the Obama administration in order to force the government to remove Regavim’s 501(3)(c) status in order to cripple the group’s fundraising power in the USA.

This threat is serious, but what is more serious are the implications of Ben Ami’s actions. Regavim’s goal has always been to pressure the government to enforce the already determined law or ruling by the Knesset or Supreme Court. By J-Street going after Regavim in such a public and base way, Ben Ami is essentially denying the legitimacy of Israel’s own governing institutions.

Taking down a group like Regavim will not only harm the Israeli right, but all corners of Israeli society as Israel’s government will be rendered ineffective.


Ben Ami’s tirade against organizations like Regavim who he claims uses US donations to destroy the “Arab village at Susiya” is ironic, since it is in fact J-Street itself that uses donations to prop up and create illegal facts on the ground in contravention of Israel’s own sovereign laws.

With the stakes high and during the presidential election, Ben Ami is rolling the dice to see if Hillary and Obama would risk alienating moderate Jewish Democrats precisely when they need them the most.  Yet, that could be Ben Ami’s core strategy.  J-Street has always sought tocreate fissures and divisions in the American Jewish community.

So far he is succeeding.


BREAKING NEWS: Final Decision Pending on Removing Arab Squatters from Susiya

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is set to make a final decision in knocking down multiple makeshift structures erected by Arabs on the ancient Jewish village of Susiya.

These Arabs claim to be the real land owners and have caused multiple problems with local Jews and the State of Israel.  The problem for their case is even a usually sympathetic Supreme Court has ruled that the State must knock the structures down as no clear proof can be shown for there ever being an Arab village there.

“Surveys of villages and populations conducted by the British Mandatory powers in 1945, which mention all of the villages in the area and even some of the inhabitants, prove there is no hint of the existence of an Arab village named Susiya,” says Josh Hasten, spokesman for Regavim an Israeli NGO dedicated to ensuring Israeli land laws are followed especially in the Arab sector. “More recently aerial photos obtained by Regavim from 1999 show nothing resembling a village in that area. An identical photo from 2013 shows how squatters have infiltrated the locale.”

So will Lieberman knock the buildings and tents down? Not if Obama has anything to do it. The State Department has already issued a warning that “there will be severe consequences” if he goes through with it.


Why Does Obama Care About Susiya?

If there was ever an archeological site that destroys the myth making of the Palestinian Arab population it is Susiya. The village was inhabited continuously by Jews up until the early 8th Century. It was clearly a large commercial hub for the Southern Hebron Hills, showing that it was in fact the Jews that remained the majority population up until the Muslim conquest.

This narrative supports Israel’s solid claim to being the sole indigenous culture in Israel, only being superseded by the conquest of Islam over the Holy land.