Israel Behind the News [Dec 14, 2015]

Erdogan Tries to Break Out of his Isolation by Pandering to…Israel?

It’s been a tough month for our favorite ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood President, Erdogan. You almost have to feel bad for him. Russia is beginning to tighten the noose with troops to his South and now in Armenia.  With that Greee, Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt are moving to create an East Mediterranean alliance in connection to the gas fields their countries share.  That would essentially cut out Turkey from their Sunni brothers and the EU.  The tables have certainly turned and one should not expect Israel to worry about mending ties with Turkey anytime soon.  With Russia moving in and the Eastern block of the EU looking like they are truly separate from their Western cohorts, Israel stands in a fantastic position to become a major player.

Roger Waters and Rivlin Play the Haaretz Conference

It’s true they were both there, but Rivlin tried in his typically pseudo nationalist way to defend Israel at what can only be described as something akin to a blood libel.  What makes Rivlin thinks he can sway these sort of people is anyone’s guess, but unfortunately Rivlin really believes in most of the comments he has made since he became President.  Thankfully it is a ceremonial position.  If not we would be in big trouble.

Hungary prime minister: Europe looks like ‘battlefield’ because of migrants

What a surprise.  These aren’t your typical migrants. The Arab world has long believed the best way to win over the non-believing nations, was to literally win them over, by becoming the predominant culture. Europe seems to be falling and falling fast.  Eastern Europe though will have none of it and that is good for Israel.  Nothing beats finding common ground with historically anti-Semitic nations.