Jared Kushner the Positive Force Behind Donald Trump’s Emerging Cabinet

After forcing Chris Christie and his cohorts out of the transition team, Trump son-in-law went to bat in getting Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus installed as Chief Strategic Adviser and White House Chief of Staff. It has become increasingly clear that President-Elect Donald Trump values his son-in-law’s opinion above all else.  The interesting thing about Jared Kushner, besides his being an Orthodox Jew (puts the anti-Semitic accusations on Trump to rest) is that he hides from the limelight whenever possible, preferring to advise from behind the scenes.  This attests to Kushner’s positive attribute of shying away from attention and focusing on putting his family first.

Although there has been some interesting picks early on, Jared Kushner’s influence may be what is behind the march towards unity in trying to bring Mitt Romney on-board as Secretary of State. If so, then Israel and its supporters will not only have a very friendly President, but his son-in-law who has his ear.