Donald Trump is Right, America Needs to Profile Like Israel

Moments after Donald Trump gave the above interview, the leftwing media in America rolled out the typical Trump is a bigot card. Yet, the Israel comparison they had a hard time with.  So the media downplayed Israel’s use of profiling only to their international airport hoping to make The Donald appear naive or stupid.

Most people who have travelled to Israel know that the airport is not the extent of the security forces use of profiling. Israel profiles everywhere and for good reason.  Generation after generation of conflict has proven that it is one group primarily perpetrating attacks on Israeli civilians and this group are the Arabs.

What Trump is saying is that America needs to profile like Israel in every way and yes Trump is right.

This may bother many people, but when there is one group who is responsible for all of the religiously inspired terror attacks that group needs to be profiled. It has saved countless lives in Israel and will potentially save more in America.

This is not to say that all attacks will be prevented, but many more will. The moment Americans recognize there is a war going on and it is happening from within their society, they will be far more eager to apply Israeli tactics to solving their law enforcement problems. It’s either that or the Muslim communities in America can do it themselves.

Now that is not going to happen.

Radical Islam is no joke.  It is not just another religious belief set, but rather a supremacist ideology bent on winning at all costs.


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