UN Threatens Israel After Regulation Law Passed

The UN did not wait long to castigate Israel over its initial passage of the Regulation Law, which allows Israel to compensate Arabs in Judea and Samaria for land the State of Israel has been using for Jewish communities. In a nutshell this law legalizes thousands of houses across Judea and Samaria that had previously been in legal limbo while at the same time giving Arabs that no longer wanted to live there a legal way to collect money.

Nickolay Mladenov claimed the legislation “has the objective of protecting illegal settlements built on private Palestinian property in the West Bank,” according to comments quoted by AFP. “It is a very worrying initiative. I encourage Israeli legislators to reconsider such a move that would have far-reaching legal consequences across the occupied West Bank.” This is diplomatic parlance for a threat.  After all is Israel is the roadblock to peace then it is going against the international community. If one considers that just a few days ago a resolution Palestinian Statehood arose once again in the UNSC, the threats are becoming more and more real.

No Fear, Just Move Forward

The Regulation Law gives the Israeli government a clearer pathway on consolidating sovereignty in Judea and Samaria without overtly annexing the Land.  This is the genius behind the law as it ends Oslo without saying so. The world is changing and the UN’s threats and innuendos are quickly becoming passe.