France is Dead: It’s Time for the Jews There to Come to Israel

With Macron’s win in France yesterday, a crisis in France appears to be averted, yet the country is literally being torn in two or possibly more.  It’s true that Macron is not from the far left, but he is an EU creation that is highly supportive of an increased Islamification of France.  That alone should be enough to push many of the Jews in France, whose numbers total around 500,000 people to start moving over to Israel.

The video below shows just how much Macron wants to cater to Islam in France.

What will be equally dangerous is the push back to Macron’s victory from the National Front and other members of France’s right-wing.  The right in France, especially Le Pen’s right is no friend of the Jews either. Any push back could have dire consequences

Charles Gave, a European author said the following in an interview just prior to Sunday’s elections:

 If Macron is elected, as I already said, I’m not sure it’s not going to be a triumphant election. So I’m not sure they will have that much legitimacy at first. And second thing is that just after, we have the election for the French Parliament. And then it’s going to be a total mayhem. Because you have four main different currents in France. The extreme left, the Macron left, you see? You have the Fillon right, and you have Le Pen’s right. So you have four. The way it’s done before is that you had only three. Extreme left and the left were joined. And you had the election, you had three guys, and if anyone from the Front National had any chance of being elected, then the worst position of the other two retired. Right away. And said, you must vote for my usual enemy, but we don’t want to. It’s what’s called the Front Republic.

But you see, it’s kind of easy to organize if the organization of the parties are very strong and can force people to retire and to stop running. But if you have four, the organization of the parties having lost all credibility, then nobody is going to retire. Until we are going to have elections. And you could have a majority of MP’s from the Front National The majority of MP’s from Melenchen. Anything is possible. So the fact that Macron is elected doesn’t reduce at all. Not at all. The political risk in France. It may reappear at the election time, big time. So anybody who buys on the idea that the problem is solved in France, let’s move to the next one will have to wait till the middle of June.

Gave then spoke about Marion Le Pen, Marie Le Pen’s niece:

Marion, she’s very young. She’s 27, 28. She’s an MP in the French Parliament. She’s extremely pretty. And she represents what’s probably very good in the French Catholic Right. She’s very much a Christian person. Very much so. So a lot of people have problems voting for Mrs. Le Pen today. A lot of the Fillon’s elector would have absolutely no problem voting for Marion, you see what I mean? So she has a big appeal on the Classical French Right. Big one. Big one.
In a France that is heading towards complete chaos, the Jews living there have only one option.  It’s time to come home.