Bibi Netanyahu: This is How to Fight BDS

Break the BDS

As the BDS picks up steam around the world supporters of Israel are finding unique and successful ways to not only buy from Israel, but lend a hand to those pioneers on the frontlines of Judea and Samaria.

Lev HaOlam, an organization dedicated to sending monthly packages of goods produced in Judea and Samaria to Israel supporters around the world is one of the most successful organizations in breaking BDS activities.

“People who subscribe to Lev HaOlam are receiving every month a box full of those beautiful products and every product has its story, his connection the family that produces it. Where they live, why they live there,” says Nati Rom, founder of Lev HaOlam.

Lev HaOlam received a big endorsement last year when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the cabinet members came to visit their offices. The support was clear. “These attempts are part of systematic attempt to boycott the State of Israel,” the Prime Minister said.

With supporters of Israel around the world uniting, Lev HaOlam has seen a huge boost over the last year. Still, the organization says much more can be done.  Afterall, the livelihood these producers in Judea and Samaria depend on their products getting sold. Without constant purchases, sustainability is hard. Lev HaOlam is filling in the gaps.