Ishmael’s World of Chaos

A darkness has descended upon the World.  We have been here before. Mayhem, destruction, and terror are all too familiar to us. The War has spread now from the frontlines in Israel to the entire World.  There is fear in New York and trauma in Paris.  Yet, when Jews are killed in their homeland the World is silent. There are no rallies for us. No country waving the Israeli flag. No vociferous politician wearing a Je Suis Yaakov shirt.

We are alone.

The truth is we have always been alone. Now we have realized it.  Our blood is too cheap to defend. We have become a burden to the World.

What is this burden?

We remind the World that within everyone there is a divine spark and that this spark must be protected and nurtured.

This is why we are losing this war. Our enemies do not look at the World the way we do. Ishmael thrives and wins through bringing chaos to the World. Rules are changeable as necessary for victory. Women can be targets, lies can be spun, and children brainwashed as long as it draws victory closer.

So how do we overcome this darkness and walk in the light of a new era promised to the Kingdom of Israel? We must realize that our fate is not the fate of the West. We are not caught off from the root source of our own history since we are the root itself. We are source of the ethics and morals the West drew its strength from.

Ishmael’s chaos is set to engulf the World to the point of its breaking. Through the collapse of the West more Jews are dying as sacrifices to our collective desire to hold onto the last visage of our National Exile.  The stormwinds will eventually end.  From chaos there will be order. The destruction though does not have to be complete we can harness our collective divine energy and rise through this.

And how do we do this?

King David gives us the answer in Psalm 125:

“Those who Trust in God are like Mount Zion that cannot be moved, enduring forever. Jerusalem hills enfold it, and God enfolds His people now and forever.”

We will not lose no matter how dark it seems. All we need is to trust the One Above.  That is the secret weapon of the Nation of Israel.  In the midst of Ishmael’s chaos a new order is being born.  We are the ancient Kingdom of Israel, which has returned to its Land after sojourning in exile for the last 2,000 years.  Our roots are still strong.  The stump still protrudes from the ground even after all these years. Now it is set to shoot forth, bringing order to a World on the verge of destruction.