Israel Behind the Headlines [Dec 20, 2015]

Nothing Changes – Erdogan Meets Mashaal

That didn’t take long. Erdogan wants to get his last meeting in with Hamas before the Israeli gas lifeline he is signing onto prohibits him from meeting with Hamas officials. He can always break that, but then he would be finished as there would be no one else to supply energy to his country.  One has to wonder if he still thinks he will one day become the Sultan.  As things stand he seems more like a street beggar.

Israeli-Chinese Innovation Relationship Takes a Whole new Level

Look for the cross cultural and technology based relationship to continue to grow between China and Israel.  China has noted the inspiration they get from Israel as well as profound respect for a fellow ancient culture. Does this mean Israel can rely on China to change their voting pattern in the UN?  Not yet, but the future may bring lots of changes as the relationship grows.

Synagogues demand government provide them security guards

Will the government provide security guards to Synagogues?  If this happens the impression that Jews are not safe to go to pray even in a Jewish State will not be lost on the Muslim Jihadist terror squads and their millions of supporters.  Security guards are great, but they still do not change the equation.

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