The left’s latest target is a Chanukah party where it will be protesting Muslims on behalf of Muslims.

If you’re confused, imagine how confused they are.

The Azerbaijani embassy of a secular Muslim country is co-hosting a Chanukah party with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. But the Azerbaijani embassy had made the political faux pas of obtaining space at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

Outside the usual anti-Israel contingent of the anti-Jewish left, If Not Now and Jewish Voice for Peace, will be screaming hate. Meanwhile some more organized left-wing Jewish groups, the Union for Reform Judaism, Women of Reform Judaism, the National Council of Jewish Women, along with the anti-Israel activists of Ameinu and Peace Now, not to mention HIAS, which can’t wait to bring the synagogue bombers of tomorrow to America today, are boycotting a Muslim party to protest in favor of Muslims.

Some are demanding that Trump speak out in favor of Muslims before they’ll attend the Muslim party. If they were any more mixed up, they would be tying their shoelaces to someone else’s shoes.

The Workmen’s Circle, which was last relevant when Bundists were helping the Communist butchers of the USSR hunt down Rabbis and religious Jews for the gulags, announced that it was boycotting an event hosted by a Muslim country because Trump is anti-Muslim.

When it comes to Trump, a militant atheist organization is now more Muslim than the Muslims.

Azerbaijan is not the first Muslim country to hold an event at the Trump International Hotel. It won’t be the last. Why does the National Council of Jewish Women seem more outraged about being in a hotel with Trump’s name on it than actual Muslims? Who made the Union for Reform Judaism their Imam?

But when leftists weren’t accusing Trump of being anti-Muslim, they were outraged that the Trump International Hotel was accommodating Muslim countries such as Bahrain and Azerbaijan because, like every single Muslim country on the planet, they have human rights issues. If you don’t have relations with Muslim countries that violate human rights, you can’t have relations with any Muslim countries.

Was the problem that Trump was anti-Muslim or that he was taking money from Muslims?

The deranged left couldn’t decide. Numerous contradictory letters blasted Trump for being anti-Muslim and for doing business with the Muslims of Azerbaijan. A weary Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, asked, “Do you think the president-elect knows who rents rooms for two hours?”

Trump may not, but a left that has lost its mind over Trump most certainly does.

To make the outrage even more ridiculous, the Azerbaijani embassy only picked the Trump International Hotel because of its proximity to the White House so that some of the same left-wing leaders boycotting the party could attend Obama’s Chanukah party and their party on the same night.

Of somewhat less interest to them, but more relevance, the Trump International Hotel, the venue where protesters will arrive clutching their grimy copies of Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, was one of the few that could handle Kosher. After the election, I listened to a Rabbi recall how pleased Trump had been at being shown how the kitchen of his Mar-a-Lago resort had been made Kosher.

Unlike JVP, If Not Now, Ameinu, Peace Now and the Union for Reform Judaism, Trump likes Jews.

The anti-Trump mob that loves Muslims, unless they book a room at the Trump International, hates Jews. The party is taking place during a major visit by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Azerbaijan. The most vocal opponents of the event don’t just hate Trump, they also hate Israel. They hate Israel so much that they’re discovered a sudden interest in the human rights situation in Azerbaijan.

They couldn’t have found Azerbaijan on a map a month ago to save their lives. Now after 5 minutes of googling, they’re instant experts on the human rights situation in a country whose name they can’t spell.

Azerbaijan’s human rights are vastly superior to its enemy, Iran, whose government was illegally supplied with billions of dollars by the Obama regime in a deal that they vigorously supported. The National Council of Jewish Women endorsed the Iran nuclear sellout. Ameinu gathered signatures in support of the hollow agreement which will let Iran go nuclear. Peace Now rallied its members to thank the politicians who supported the pass for Iran’s nuclear program and to yell at those who didn’t.

Ann Toback of the Workmen’s Circle fumed that the party “legitimizes a corrupt country where freedoms have been suppressed”. This is the same radical organization that put out a statement backing the Iran deal which legitimizes a genocidal terror state where freedom hangs at the end of a noose.

The left likes to pretend that it hates Trump because it loves Muslims. But the truth is that it doesn’t love anyone. Not even its Muslim allies for whom it pokes safety pins through its sweaty shirts and dirty blouses. The left does not love. It only hates. It hates Trump, because it hates America. It hates Israel, because it hates Jews.

It rages about the “normalization” of anti-Semitism even as it endorses Keith X. Ellison who defended the anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, who accuses Israel of being an apartheid state and Jews of being mobilized by Israel to do its bidding. J Street boss Jeremy Ben Ami insists that Ellison’s views “are perfectly consistent with the views of the majority of American Jews”.

That’s the normalization of anti-Semitism in black and white. Trump isn’t behind it. The anti-Jewish left is. The anti-Jewish left has lost its morals and its mind. Its protest of a Chanukah party is an ugly tantrum in a teapot. It has become so deranged that it’s protesting Muslims on behalf of Muslims. But anything goes when it comes to hating America. Anything goes when it comes to hating Jews.

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