Beware of the Third American Revolution

Nearly 241 years ago a small band of colonists rose up and declared independence from the mightiest empire of their times.  They fought for self-representation and a government that would be built on power vested to it by the citizens. Their deeply held belief  that rights do not flow from Kings, but rather the Almighty Creator himself seemed to carry them to a predestined victory.

The American Revolution was more than just a formation of a new country.  The revolution was a revolution in human spirit.  No more would humanity be governed by earthly rulers, but by the innate realization that all of us are G-d’s stewards.

America continued on.  It fought a Civil War, abolished slavery, built a continental wide railroad, and expanded to reach the Pacific Coast.  Yet, at a time when Americans seemed to be unstoppable, something happened, a course change was secretly injected into the system.

President Woodrow Wilson did not see the founding fathers’ vision, of a country that would be set apart from others, but rather an America that would be reinterwoven into the fabric of European progressivism.

“It was the progressives who fashioned the new sciences of society, founded the modern American university, invented the think tank, and created the American administrative state, institutions still defined by the progressive values that formed and instructed them,” writes Leonard, a research scholar at Princeton’s Council of the Humanities.

It was with President Wilson and a Democratic Congress that progressive policies were first inserted into the American lexicon.  These policies saw an ever-growing administrative state that would be governed by intellectuals. Nevermind that Wilson and his cohorts were avowed racists, their progressive liberalism served as the foundation for the modern-day American left.

From Wilson’s initial overhaul, to FDR’s federal overtake of state’s rights through a variety of national programs, American citizens began to forget what it meant to govern one’s self. America fought in two world wars and created a global coalition that held out against the Soviet Union, yet Wilsonian ideals would eventually shine at their fullest post Cold War where a truly New World Order began to take shape.  Gone was the idea that America was an exceptional nation. No more did the American worker get first priority.

By the time of the 2016 elections, the American middleclass was dying as its economic engine ground to a halt do to over taxation, cheap foreign goods, and endless regulations the administrative state had piled on.

Trump, The Second Revolution

The 2016 elections were a watershed in American politics. For just over a century Americans had suffered from progressive policies that had led to a break down in the simple concept of a government for the people and by the people.  Americans had enough and they elected Trump to restore what once was. Drain the Swamp they called it. Trump and his base understood that America at its core was good, yet America had been hijacked by a bureaucracy gone mad and drunk with its own power.

Trump won a surprise victory against the elites in both parties and around world.  His young presidency has given hope that government for the people and by the people can still exist.  Not surprisingly the adminsitrative state has begun to fight back as the Trump administration seeks to wipe out 104 years of Wilsonian progressivism and return the USA back to its core principles.

Obama and the Globalists, the Third Revolution

With every revolution there is a counter revolution bound up within it.

A Daily Mail report says the following:

‘He is going to use his immense popularity with the half of the country that identifies as liberals and progressives,’ said the Obama family source. ‘Millions of Americans are energized and ready to take to the streets to oppose Trump, but they need to be organized and have their anger focused and directed.

The report indicates that Obama and his closest aides will use his residence, just blocks away from the White House as the “nerve center” for the upcoming insurgency.

With Soros funded chaos sure to erupt in the Spring and Summer, Obama will publicly lead a civil uprising against Trump, potentially tearing the country in two. Whether Obama succeeds in forcing Trump out right away depends on how much the middle of the road citizen buys into the left’s false narrative.  Trump’s push back and claim of wiretapping is the first attack back against Obama’s Deep State machine pumping out false evidence against Trump and his administration.

If the Republicans decide to turn on Trump chaos will reign and anything is possible.

A Hint of the Russian Revolution is in the Air

Most people assume Lenin and his followers simply over threw the Czar, but this was not the case.  After Nicholas abdicated, the Duma (parliament assumed control).  The Prime Minister was a young Alexander Kerensky who promoted free speech, freed political prisoners, and attempted to institute a variety of reforms.

While the Duma controlled the official levers of power another group played a dual leadership role. The Soviets controlled the rest of the country through a network of groups.  This dual control where the democratic forces within the Duma controlled the traditional levers of power and Lenin and his followers controlling the street as a sort of Shadow Government existed for about eight months until Lenin’s Bolshevik’s over threw the provisional government.

After Lenin’s Shadow Government took full control, there was a last attempt at a counter-revolution by democratic forces against Lenin, but this failed and the Soviet Union was born.

The similarities between USA 2017 and Russia 1917 are eerie.  Trump’s counter attack against the Obama/Soros Shadow government is a good first step in pushing back against the Deep State insurgency, but if the Trump administration believes it can resign itself to fightng the Shadow Government with Tweets, the 45th President may be doomed to be the country’s last.