BREAKING NEWS: Twin Blasts Rock Istanbul, Killing at Least 15

Istanbul was rocked Saturday night by twin explosions after a soccer match.  The Explosions killed at least 15 and wounded many others.

Video below shows the moment of the exlosions.

“It was like hell. The flames went all the way up to the sky. I was drinking tea at the cafe next to the mosque,” Omer Yilmiz, who was working at the Dolmabahce mosque near the stadium, told Reuters. “People ducked under the tables, women began crying. Soccer fans drinking tea at the cafe sought shelter, it was horrible.” 

Although it is too early to say who the terrorists are, Erdogan will use the attack to claim more centralized power while blaming shadowy Kurdish groups.  In this case the PKK could be behind it as the blasts seemed to intentionally target security forces after fans had left the soccer stadium two hours earlier.

As Erdogan goes after more and more power, Kurdish groups are under pressure to counteract as he has made clear his intention to clamp down on Turkey’s 10 million strong Kurdish populace. Erdogan is paranoid that the Kurds who are a majority in certain areas of Turkey have historical rights to much of today’s south-eastern areas of the country.

With the KRG (Kurdish Regional Government) in northern Iraq gaining state like qualities, Erdogan is hard pressed to stay strong against Kurdish groups in Turkey.