BREAKING NEWS: Settler Mother Arrested for Asking the Police Why they are Arresting Her Son

A mother of six was arrested today in front of her kids, the littlest a two year old girl for simply asking the officers why they were taking her son away in broad daylight?  Witnesses say he was handcuffed and beaten after having been found with a construction knife. The mother was dragged away for simply asking the police why they  covered their badge numbers as well as giving no reason for arresting her son.

The mother and her 16 year old son are currently being held at the Moriah police station in Jerusalem.m

The family are residents of one of the many communities in Judea.  Settler youth are often times harrassed and profiled in a dispraportianate way by the Israeli police force, which remains in the hands of the tradionally leftwing justice system.

The woman’s children were led away by their 14 year old brother who video taped most of the incident. They were threatened to be taken away by social services, but were able to escape on a bus back home.  Witnesses say the baby was crying for hours for her mother.

“Instead of chasing terrorists and real criminals, the Israeli police arrest a 16 year old boy and his mother in front of her little children including her 2 year old little girl. For what? for questioning the the officer? How dare she? Real heroes!! What an embarrassment!!!” said the boy’s father, who was not there.

In the video below the boy can be seen taken away and pushed to the ground with the mother asking why they are taking him.  A total of five police cars were used for this incident.

Settler mother tries to stop the police from unlawfully beating up and arresting her son and in the process gets beaten and arrested herself. Story to follow soon.

Posted by Israel Rising on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Posted by Israel Rising on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The incident brings back memories where the police used draconian tactics to keep under age settler youth behind bars with no charges.  Most of those youth have been ordered out of police custody by the courts after the security services failed to present any evidence.