When it comes to Israel, Vox Media Makes Up Its Facts

Vox, a left leaning online magazine, which pushes its agenda through a host of articles, podcasts, and well put together short videos decided to use its immense reach and media tools to hammer away at the returning Jewish presence in areas of Jerusalem that were made Judenrein in the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s.

Below is Vox’s video, which acts more as a hit piece on organizations like Ateret Cohanim and Ir David that work to resettle neigborhoods of Jerusalem whose formerly Jewish residents were replaced by Arab squatters.  Of course this is not how the issue is presented.

Before watching the video, understand that no mention of the former Jewish nature of these neighborhoods is mentioned. Not only that, but an emphasis on the messianic zeal as a prime motivating factor is woven througout the film. “Facts” that are supplied by known European backed leftist organization like Betzelem are used.  This is instead of the actual facts, which are easily available by Jerusalem’s government. It is known that Arab enighborhoods have experienced a comlete overhaul in recent years.  Neighborhoods with returning Jewish populations have lower crime rates and increased stability.

Yet, the biggest issue with the video is that it somehow builds its claims off of the notion that private house purchases by Jews in historically Jewish areas should somehow be made illegal.  If that is not anti-semitic, I don’t know what is.

Watch the video below and be prepared to run out of the room screaming at the complete twisting of reality.