[watch] Bennett Rising: “For the First Time in Fifty Years Our Destiny is Ours to Choose”

With Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu under increased investigations and the new Trump administration showing flexibility in terms of potential Israeli sovereignty in areas of Judea and Samaria, Naftali Bennett is stepping up his push to end the two state solution as we understand it.

Bennett spoke at the Institute for National Security Studies [INSS] today and forcibly gave across his views of the changing times we live in.

‏”‏First point, a Palestine exists [referring to Hamas in Gaza]. ‏Granted, it’s a terror state. It terrorizes its own population and attacks Israeli schools and hospitals using rockets and attack tunnels. ‏This leads to the second point: Apply Israeli law in Area C, the Israeli controlled areas. We will not annex the land, because one can only annex something foreign. ‏This is the Land of Israel, to which Jews have been connected for thousands of years. ‏It is where 450,000 Israelis live.”