TRUMP’S BAN ON REFUGEES: The Real Reason Why Saudi Arabia and Egypt Were Not Included

Just like everything else surrounding Donald Trump’s first 10 days as President, the subterfuge by the main stream media in giving false pretext to Trump picking 7 Arab countries to ban refugees, travelers, and visa holders from entering the United States has reached ridiculous levels.  On one hand the elite media has claimed Trump’s executive order is inherently racist because it singles out majority Muslim countries and on the other hand the same media asks why the President didn’t include Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the ban. Their answer?

It must be business interests.

Let’s put aside the obvious conflicting outrages that have been vomited out by the elite media and deal with the idea that Trump did not include Egypt and Saudi Arabia on the list because of business interests.   The same people arguing that he is taking it lightly on Egypt and Saudi Arabia fail to mention that he is far more business interests in China.  No one has accused Trump of “letting China off the hook.”  In fact it is the opposite. Critics have rushed to claim President Trump has been to tough on China.  If Trump really was implementing policy based on business interests then he should be treating China with kids gloves.  He is not.

So what is the real reason why Egypt and Saudi Arabia were not included in the immigration ban?

It is no secret the current administration is looking to build a coalition to take on both radical Islam and the growing threat from Iran. To do this Donald Trump is looking to build a non-traditional alliance between Russia, the moderate Sunni states, and Israel.  Sources have already pointed to a possibility that Russia will push Iran out of Syria in order to make it easier for the Trump administration to work with them against ISIS. Furthermore, the countries Trump picked are all worn torn areas split between the competing interests of Sunni and Shiite armies. Although Egypt is known to have a large Muslim Brotherhood network, Sisi, the President of Egypt is sincere in his campaign to destroy them.  Sisi also has a close working relationship with Israel. While Saudi Arabia produced most of the hijackers for the the September 11th attacks, the new King and his administration are known reformers and have pushed to loosen of the network Wahhabi institutions. Is it perfect?  No, not at all, but both countries’ willingness to reform and crack down should not be minimized at this point.

Essentially, the new order arising in the Middle East weighed heavily on which countries President Trump included in the ban.  If the elite media decided to look at events with open eyes they would see that the President and his advisers are building a robust coalition to once and for all destroy radical Islam and stabilize the region that has been most volatile in modern times.