Israel’s Azerbaijan Problem


Israeli Russian Jewish blogger, Alexander Lapshin did something brave, he crossed over from Azerbaijan to Artsakh aka Nagorno Karabagh and came out speaking for Artsakh’s Independence which automatically steps on Azeri toes.  The Azeri’s were furious and wanted him arrested and extradited.  In spite of the democratic façade, Azerbaijan is an oppressive regime and this is proof positive of that.

He is sitting now in a Belarus jail waiting for the next step.  From what I understand Israel has intervened and he will not be extradited to Azerbaijan.  This blogger has been saved from sure torture and probable death if he ended up in Azeri hands.  

We must show our support and let our voices be heard for Alex Lapshin.  He must be released.  There is no crime in speaking the truth.


This past December Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev met in Azerbaijan to have discussions.  Soon after we read the following headline in the news: Azerbaijan wants to purchase Iron Dome technology.  Next day, it was a done deal.  

When I read this headline, I asked myself do they realize the potential consequences of this deal?  I marveled over this agreement for quite some time and concluded either Israel is extremely naive and careless or the political analysts don’t see beyond their noses.  

  1. This Technology is defensive but can embolden this regime
    1. Can you guarantee the Iron Dome technology will not facilitate a war with Artsakh?
  1. This Technology will be in Shiite hands.
    1. Can you guarantee it won’t get in other Shiite hands?

In my strong outcry and numerous commentaries, I was reminded by members of the group, Israeli Armenian Solidarity, ‘Keren, it’s a defensive technology so you have nothing to worry about.’  

I recall reading a couple of years ago after Operation Protective Edge, the UN told Israel to give Hamas ID Technology.  I remember scratching my head when I read that, smirking at the absurdity.  Why would Israel do that?  Let Hamas not start wars and no one will need IDT.  

So I came up with my follow up question. “Why doesn’t Israel sell this defense technology to Hamas?”

Don’t jump out of your seat!  I know why.  But can the reader start to empathize now why it’s a bad idea for Azerbaijan to buy this technology?  Let me try to answer, but first let me give a little background.

We, who follow Middle East politics, know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but is the public know about the Azerbaijan-Nagorno Karabagh conflict?  

Let me explain it in a quick nutshell.  Back in 1920’s about the same time Palestine was being discussed, the Caucus region was also discussed for drawing out borders.  Stalin promised to give us, the Armenians our historic lands of Artskah aka Nagorno Karabagh and more to us.  What did he do?  Definitely not as he promised. Stalin divided up the lands in another way.  He gave OUR historical lands to Azerbaijan.  

Source: Wikipedia

There was bloodshed over the years including pogroms against Armenians who were living in Baku, reminiscent of the Hebron Massacre.   

In 1991 when Armenia became independent of the Soviet Union about the same time we claimed Artsakh to be ours.  At that point the Armenian population was very high. Today it’s one hundred percent and Azerbaijan does not want to let go of our lands.  Hence our conflict.

Relevant Parallels:

  1. The same way parts of Israel have been given to this false owners who dub themselves Palestinians, this territory land was given to Azerbaijan.
  2. The ‘Palestinians’ or Hamas attack and break ceasefires – Azerbaijan the same.  (We are in a ceasefire mode as I write today).  Nearly every day Azerbaijan breaks the ceasefire, it is just too tempting from their high ground vantage point.
  3. Muslim aggressors (Hamas and cronies) against Jews & in our case: Muslim aggressors against Christians.  

As a side note but one that can not be neglected, there are many other parallels the most notable being: the Armenian and Jewish holocausts.  Both of our peoples went through attempted annihilation.  The Armenian Genocide in WWI and the Jewish Holocaust in WWII.  

With that setting in mind, let’s go back in time a little – just a little.  Last year in April 2016, Azerbaijan received a shipment of Israeli drones – THE VERY NEXT DAY, they started war with Nagorno Karabagh.  The drones were used in kamikaze style and against the Geneva Convention laws. They killed civilians with these drones.  Azerbaijan also committed war crimes by the horrendous murders and mutilations (including decapitations) Nagorno Karabagh soldiers.  This is what I call the Hamas of the Caucuses.

Now fast forward to today, Azerbaijan wants the Iron Dome technology.  Is an attack from Iran imminent? No.  Azerbaijan will start a war with Armenians in Artsakh.  

They want to finish the Armenian Genocide that their big sister, Turkey started a century ago.  Israel I beseech you, Bibi and Likud, I beseech you to not sell Iron Dome technology to Azerbaijan. They will start a war with us.

Don’t be naive or careless.  Rethink your analysis.  You have been informed and God is awake and never slumbering.  If Israel is to be a light to the nations as you are to be then stop being scared of saying no.  Trying to wash your proverbial hands will not wash away the stains.