Fire Intifada Continues as Israel is Left Vulnerable

Fire Intifada Latest Updates:

What is fast becoming one large “weapon of mass destruction” Arab arsonists continue the onslaught against Israel by lighting new fires in the last 24 hours. The village of Neve Tsuf saw its 350 families evacuated as arsonists stared three different fires which eventually destroyed 15 houses, with 25 others damaged.

Beit Meir, west of Jerusalem was torched as residents fled.  The fire was started at the entrance in order to prevent people from fleeing the area.  18 homes in the village were entirely burned and 30 others were extremely damaged during the attack on Friday night. The arsonists threw Molotov cocktails at the outer row of houses. Dozens of private cars were also destroyed.

Meanwhile, the fire by Nataf outside Jerusalem has been pushed back. The video below shows the Global uTanker from the USA at work putting out fires between Jerusalem and Nataf.

Haifa, thought to be under control is still on fire as strong winds returned Friday, whipping up flames.  Over 600 homes have ben destroyed in Haifa since the beginning of the fire.


Arsonists Prove Israel is Vulnerable

Although the fires have begun to be controlled, the surprise and immensity of the damage proves the weapon of fire to be one of the most effective against Israel.  Israel’s security services had been caught off guard by the terrorists’ ability to organize across the Land of Israel in a manner that could only have been orchestrated by foreign plotters. The Fire Intifada has done more to smash Israel’s percieved invincibility in respect to the Arab Street and terror leaders.

The following Tweet encapsulates the renewed energy within the Arab world:

Of course Haya and other pro-“Palestinian” activists cannot answer one simple question: If the Land really belongs to them, why are they burning it?