FISA-gate, Russian Collusion, and the KGB Infiltration into America’s Political Ecosystem

There are times when a country must come to the conclusion that they have been hacked.  Now I don’t mean an acutal computer hacking, but rather something far more sinister.  Both Democrats and Republicans have been pointing fingers at one another in an attempt to claim the other are traitors to the country.  Ever since the Russian collusion narrative was injected into the political discourse, the assumption has been that the Trump team willfully sought out Russian help in winning the election against Hillary.  This is of course highly speculative.  With the new revelations about the FISA warrant being issued due to spurious intelligence by the FBI as well as the Hillary Clinton Campaign’s ties to Fusion GPS as well as her connection to Uranium One, it appears that the Deep State and Hillary can also be accused of collaborating with the Russians if the same lack of deep thinking is applied.

The problem with all of these assumptions is that almost no one has looked at this the other way, because both sides are trying to knock the other side out.  It is far easier to believe that Putin who is a master at disinformation from his KGB days has set both sides up against one another and that this was his intention from the beginning.

With Hillary easily influenced through her foundation as well as the floating of a “damaging” dossier, Putin’s fingerprints are all over the initial setup.  All of this mirrors Russian tactics. The result would be easy at that point to lead the FBI Deep State on a witch-hunt during the election season.  Knowing that the dossier would spark a FISA warrant, Putin would only have to lure Donald Trump’s team, which was prone to dirt digging into a meeting with a Russian lawyer and that is in fact what actually happened.

What this shows everyone, is that it is in fact Putin from his days in the KGB who has been determined to destroy the USA from the inside.

Mike Rogers, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said as much in 2014:

“Putin is playing chess and I think we’re playing marbles,” Rogers said. “I don’t think it’s even close. If you look at the nuclear negotiations, we got our fanny handed to us. They took tactical nukes out of the equation; huge mistake, especially for our allies in the Baltics. When you move down the list in Syria, the Russians got everything that they believe they needed in Syria.”

“So they’ve been running circles around us,” Rogers continued. “And I really think it’s the naive position on the National Security Council and the president’s advisors that if we just keep giving things to Russia, they’ll finally wake up and say, boy, the United States isn’t all that bad. That is completely missing the motivation of why Russia does what Russia does.”

Nothing seems to have changed since then.

If the Democrats and the Republicans do not stop and pause and thus realize they are both the unwilling puppets of the Russian regime, the USA may find itself in a situation it will not be easy to dig itself out of. This will give Putin an advantage in the unfolding neo-Cold War and place America in a peril it has never seen before.

As President Lincoln stated: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”