How Dangerous is the French Initiative?

As the French “Peace” Initiative finds its way back into the news cycle the government in Israel issued the following response: “Israel adheres to its position that the best way to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is direct, bilateral negotiations. Israel is ready to begin them immediately without preconditions. Any other diplomatic initiative distances the Palestinians from direct negotiations.

Nothing in the response is new and this is precisely the issue. The Western World is tired of an Israel that is ascending while their cultures and influence are clearly in decline.  The French proposal is no different than others that have come and gone, the only problem is the climate Israel now finds itself in.

By sticking with the usual response, it only confirms what Western Europe and the USA State Department has said, and that is a new approach needs to be tabled.  On this point no one disagrees, the only question is which approach should be taken.

If the government in Israel does not shift the paradigm to a one state solution involving the annexation of Judea and Samaria, followed by a dismemberment of the mafia run PA then it will quickly find the French Initiative becoming much more dangerous through an intentional shadow campaign by the Obama administration to push it through as it leaves office.

Time will tell if Bibi and company will take this seriously.  The future of the country depends on a new approach and it better be Israel’s.

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Here Come the French

The French always know how to make noise for themselves.  The world is engulfed in multiple proxy wars, radical Islam is spreading, and migrants threaten to destabilize Europe, but never mind all that. The French remain obsessed on finding a “solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The French originally floated a proposal after Bibi Netanyahu won in the last elections.  This proposal would essentially force the contours of a solution on the two sides if they did not come to an agreement themselves. In recent days conversation has bubbled up that the French are once again ready to table this proposal. In response Prime Minister Netanyahu stated:

“You certainly heard of the proposal being raised in certain quarters in France, to convene an international conference with the threat at the end that if it is unsuccessful, then France will – to a large degree – adopt the Palestinian position. This will be an incentive for the Palestinians to come and not compromise. The substance of negotiations is compromise and the French initiative, as it has been reported, in effect gives the Palestinians in advance reasons not to do so.”

The French, like the other Western nations believe that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is similar to a border dispute in Western Europe. There is no similarity between the two. When Jewish freedom fighters struggled to defeat the British Empire, paving the way for Jewish sovereignty to be reinstated in the Land of Israel, they were not struggling over a border dispute. The fact is, as long the ruling Israeli political class keeps flirting with negotiations with the PA, the World will keep on insisting on dividing the Land.

Israel is indivisible.  Jewish fighters against Britain or any other occupying power that controls a piece of the Jewish homeland, are no different than the Jewish fighters that attempted to push out Rome. The only way the Jewish people will remove the growing international pressure is to insist on rectifying the national injustice that Rome perpetrated against the Jewish people nearly 2000 years ago. To do this, the world must accept that the entire Land of Israel belongs only to the Nation of Israel.


Israel Behind the Headlines [Dec 24,2015]

ISIS in Israel, Nabbed

Unfortunately, this will only get worse.  ISIS is an ideology as much as it is a terror organization/caliphate. The ideology spreads like an infection. The Muslim Arabs within the Land of Israel, even those that are citizens have been radicalized by their leaders. If the government must make it clear to those leaders that supporting ISIS is a red line.

Aliyah to Israel on the Rise, especially from France

The Jews of France are fleeing.  Many of the Jews in France are from Middle Eastern background and they understand that the Arabs moving in are not like the native Moroccan and Tunisian neighbors they have in France. The mass exodus will only continue as Europe ruptures and collapses under the migrant crisis.

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