Are these the Final Borders Between Israel and “Palestine?”

This map has been circulating the web lately as possible outline for final borders between Israel and a demilitarized “Palestine.”

Image Source: Al- Monitor and Partners for a Progressive Israel


While the official policy of Israel Rising is to not support any sort of concessions to the creation of a sovereign Arab state within Israel’s heartland, the above borders would win the majority of Israel’s support. It should be noted that no “Palestinian” leader will ever support these border.  If anything the above map may very well be a long term interim deal where Israel annexes the grey and yet “Palestine” agrees to call these disputed in order to gain a state.

The problem with this approach is that Palestinian leaders will never truly end the conflict.  Any Israel is a bad Israel because a Jewish State essentially means that it is they who are the interlopers.  Afterall the entire Land of Israel is has always been historically Jewish.  Only due to the colonial asperations of the Roman Empire as well as Jihad of 7th and 8th Century Muslims were the Jews forcibly removed from their homeland.

By accepting the historic claims of Israel, the Palestinians render their claims baseless.

The above map is just another in a long line of giving in to international pressure no matter how attractive the final borders may seem.