PEAK AMERICA: SpaceX Explosion Sets Back Globalist Agenda

When the reusable SpaceX  rocket was destroyed on Thursday after suffering a catastrophic explosion on launch at Cape Canaveral more than just some expensive satellites were destroyed.

Part of the payload was Israel’s Amos 6 satellite, considered the most advanced Israeli satellite ever.  Its destruction was more than 200 million dollars, it was the last straw for a government that has pulled away from backing Israel’s satellite industry.  Although, Israel has committed quite a bit to the IAI and Israel’s space agency, the once dominant satellite industry is seeing less and less.

Yet, as much as Israel space agency felt the pain from the SpaceX destruction, Amos 6 was meant to help Facebook beam internet to Sub-Saharan Africa.  Although Zuckerberg claims he is pained at the loss of his altruistic pet project, there was nothing altruistic about it.

Ever since Edward Snowden released sensitive information about Facebook’s founding and use as an NSA global data collection tool, the company’s luster has dulled.

“He’s [Zuckerberg] the unemployed nephew of a ranking NSA official, whose aspirations of becoming an actor never materialized…until plans for ‘Operation Code Name: Facemash’ were drawn up and executed around 2003,” Snowden told reporters from various Chinese news agencies, as well as The Washington Post and the British paper Guardian. “Mark Zuckerberg is a fictional character.”

More intrusive than a massice govenment spying platform, Facebook now is being used to ensure society is fed certain perception of reality. While everyone has the ability to produce content on Facebook, its algorithm seems to only back those articles or posts that promote a certain agenda.

With the explosion of the SpaceX rocket, the globalist drive to force feed even more areas in the world with their agenda has been severely pushed back. With all of this in mind, the question should not be was the rocket intentionally destroyed, but rather who destroyed it?